Today’s Headlines: Jaywalking, Parking Tickets and DUI Edition

  • The New York Times Weighs in on the LAPD’S Jaywalking Overkill
  • Proof Positive the “Jaywalking Crackdown” Isn’t About Safety (L.A. Walks)
  • And “Jaywalking Tickets” Are 4 Times as Much as Exorbitant Parking Tickets (Quartz)
  • But Guess What Dennis Romero Is Really Upset About? (L.A. Weekly)
  • But He’s Really Happy That Parking at Broken Meters Will Be Legal Even Though It Already Is (L.A. Weekly)
  • Also a Helpful Update on Where DUI Checkpoints Will Be (L.A. Weekly)
  • Critical Mass Rolls In Honor of Fallen Cyclists in 2013 (KTLA)
  • Meanwhile a Driver Crashes Into a House, Killing Man Sleeping in Bed (LAT)
  • And Guess What? He Had Multiple DUI Arrests (LAT)
  • LAPD Warns People Not to Drink and Drive Tomorrow Night (Daily News)
  • Community Fights for Traffic Light Where Teen Was Slain by Driver…for 8 Years (LAT)

It’s another light publication day, there was just too many headlines to let wait. Happy New Year and see you Thursday.

Oh, and the interviews are going great, thanks for asking.