Jaime De La Vega Releases Response to Leadership Change at LADOT

The following statement was released moments ago by Jaime De La Vega through the LADOT press office in reference to the just announced leadership change at LADOT:

Jaime De La Vega

I was appointed in 2011 to stabilize and turn around LADOT and the department is in much better shape today.

We re-organized and modernized the management structure and have a strong executive leadership team in place.

Every day the hard working women and men at LADOT deliver vital public services and I couldn’t be prouder of their commitment to public service, especially our traffic officers and field crews that work our streets, rain or shine.

We have installed 167 miles of new bike lanes since the bicycle plan was adopted, synchronized every traffic signal in the city, modernized our transit system, upgraded every parking meter, exceeded revenue goals in support of the city’s budget, and began transforming pedestrian policy.

I’ve also been fortunate to work on a number of transformative transportation policy initiatives over the past eight years including the passage of Measure R, adoption of a new plan to expand public transit, creation of the 30/10 initiative and America Fast Forward, and improving public safety on commuter rail.

I thank the Mayor and City Council for the opportunity to serve the City of Los Angeles.

I look forward to the next phase of my career.


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