Today’s Headlines

  • BHUSD Thinks Joe Lieberman’s Political Connections Will Stop/Re-Route Subway (Courier)
  • Post Amendments, Gatto’s Hit and Run Bill Merely Doubles Time to Catch Runners (LA Weekly)
  • Let’s Get the Bullet Train Back on Track (LAT)
  • New Rowena Bike Lane Used to Avoid Traffic…By Impatient Drivers (Eastsider)
  • One Reason Streetsblog Never Really Bought-Into “Building HOV Lanes” (CBS2, Daily News)
  • Driver in Recent I-10 Bus Crash Works for Firm with History of Crashes (LAT)
  • Does CA’s 3-Foot Bike Passing Bill Need Teeth, or is Its Importance Symbolic? (Cyclelicious)
  • The L.A. Weekly Poetry on Metro Story Is Kind of Fun (LA Weekly)
  • Union State Sort of Has Its Own Webpage (The Source)

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  • Joe B

    Can someone explain something to me please?

    Are the regular freeway lanes congested at 11pm or 2am or whenever they’re planning on turning the HOV lane into a regular lane?

    If they’re congested, then won’t carpoolers still need to use the uncongested HOV lanes? This bill is going to cause carpoolers to get stuck in traffic behind single-occupancy vehicles.

    If they’re not congested, then traffic’s flowing freely and there’s no advantage to turning them into a regular lane.

    It sounds like this bill hasn’t been thought through very well.