Today’s Headlines

  • The MyFigueroa! Opponents Bring Conjecture to the Argument (Downtown News)
  • Downtown Streetcar Already $200 Million Off Budget (LAT)
  • More on the City’s Plans to Legalize Curbside Gardens (KPCC)
  • Editorial: Let People Garden in the Parkway (LAT)
  • Editorial: Let’s Approve Bills on Fracking, Licenses for Undocumented’s (Daily News)
  • Following Derailment, Angels Flight Could Be Shutdown for Six Months for Study (LAT)
  • Zev Looks at BRT, 405 Widening, Tree Removal on Wilshire Boulevard (Zev Web)
  • L.A. Has the Highest Car Insurance Rates in the State (LAT)
  • Gov. Brown Cuts Transit Pension Deal (SacBee), Cements HSR/Caltrain Track Plans (DailyAlmanac)

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