Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Promises Safer — and Prettier — Trains (LA Curbed)
  • Meanwhile, LA Promises a More Pleasant Walk from Union Station to DTLA (LA Curbed)
  • Drunk Driving Arrests Up Statewide Under CHP Crackdown (Daily News)
  • D.J. Waldie Considers 47-Years of Living Car-Free in LA (KCET)
  • Tesla Becomes One of State’s Leading Luxury Cars; No Surprise To Anyone Watching Streets (LAT)
  • Could a Subway/Expressway Tunnel Under the 405 Be the Solution to Westside Traffic? (FoxLA)
  • Remarkably, Damian Kevitt is Back on His Bike 7 Months After Zoo Drive Hit-and-Run (KABC7)
  • Maybe LA is the Hit-and-Run Capital Because We Lead in SUVs and Driver Stress (NPR)
  • Outrage Continues Over SFPD’s Failure to Investigate Bike Rider’s Death (SFGate)
  • Walk or Ride to Celebrate LA’s 232nd Birthday; City Doesn’t Look a Day Over 205 (KNBC4)
  • Pharrell Arrives at VMA’s by Bike, Complete with Two-Wheeled Entourage  (FitPerez)
  • Daily Carnage: Yet Another Fatal Collision and Freeway Shutdown on the Grapevine (LAT)

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