The L.A. Zoo Opens Its Doors for Adult Only Thursdays with Discounts to LACBC Members

The Los Angeles Zoo is holding its Roaring Nights events on the next three Thursday nights. Basically, the zoo becomes an 18 and older venue for a couple of hours with bands, food trucks, new chances to interact with the animals (elephant feedings!) and no kids. While this sounds like fun, it was a small sentence in the middle of the press announcement that caught my eye.

Biking to the Zoo is encouraged, and the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition (LACBC) will provide free bike valet for all of the Roaring Nights events.

For the first time ever, the L.A. Zoo is having a bike valet. If this isn’t a sign that biking is catching on in Los Angeles, I’m not sure what is. In fact, the zoo is actually offering a discount for LACBC members for the Roaring Nights series as they are their other sponsors and current members of the zoo.

The full press announcement can be found after the jump.

WILD SUMMER NIGHTS AT THE L.A. ZOONew “Roaring Nights” 18-and-up evening series features live music, comedy, food, and libations

under the evening sky at the wildest place in L.A.

Complimentary bike valet provided by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

This July, the Los Angeles Zoo welcomes a new kind of wildlife with its new, 18-and-up Roaring Nights nighttime series, presented by the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA). In addition to the rare treat of exploring the zoo after-hours, Roaring Nights will feature live music from local bands, dancing with DJ MORNINGSTAR at the Zoo’s carousel, and standup comedians holding court at the petting zoo. Food truck favorites, including Grilled Cheese Truck, Coolhaus, Komodo Truck, and Crepe’n Around, will also be on hand, along with full bar service. Roaring Nights offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience nature in a completely new way, with live animal encounters and pop-up zookeeper talks throughout the evening. Come for the party, stay for the fun, and discover LA’s best summer wildlife.WHEN: Thursdays, July 11, 18, and 25, 7:00  – 10:00 p.m.LINE UP: July 11: Live band So Many Wizards; Comedians Rob Gleeson and Jonny Loquasto

July 18: Live band CHIEF; Comedians Francisco Ramos and Helen Hong

July 25: Live band NO; Improv comedy troupe

WHERE:  The Los Angles Zoo, 5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Los Angeles Zoo is located at the northeast corner of Griffith Park at the junction of the I-5 (Golden State)


and the 134 (Ventura) freeways. 
Biking to the Zoo is encouraged, and the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition (LACBC) 
will provide free bike valet for all of the Roaring Nights events.

COST:  The event is $18 for general admission, and $15 for members of GLAZA, KCRW, and LACBC members.
INFO:  For more informationonline, or to purchase tickets, please visit or call (323) 644-6042.

All events are 18+ and up. No outside food or drink is permitted.

The private, non-profit Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA), founded in 1963, funds exhibits, plant and animal species conservation, capital projects, and education and community outreach programs at the Los Angeles Zoo, an international leader in the preservation of endangered species and a conservation center for the care and study of wildlife.  GLAZA also builds and invests endowment funds and already operates six essential departments on behalf of the Zoo, including development, publications, membership, volunteers, special events and oversight of the Zoo’s food/retail concessions. There are 73,000 GLAZA member households representing more than 300,000 adults and children, the largest membership base of a cultural organization in Los Angeles, and a volunteer corps of over 800.
Roaring Nights is sponsored by KCRW and Pasadena Magazine.###

High-res images available upon request.

  • joe

    Its really disgusting that the bike community would partner with an antiquated and dying zoo, especially for such a glutinous event as this. Lets add insult to injury on these poor caged animals, by letting drunk assholes prod them while lambasting them with amplified music.

  • David Galvan

    The zoo has a decent bike rack out in front of the entrance, up against the classrooms. Biking there already works pretty well!

  • David Galvan

    Many of the enclosures are indeed antiquated. But the zoo is not dying. They are actively building new and larger exhibits and enclosures. (There’s a new rain forests of the Americas exhibit being built across from the relatively new Elephant enclosure, and the “LAIR” reptile/amphibian house is less than a year old.)

  • RSK

    “For the first time ever, the L.A. Zoo is having a bike valet. If this
    isn’t a sign that biking is catching on in Los Angeles, I’m not sure
    what is.”

    Uh… much, much higher standards please.

  • Joe

    I was referring to the archaic concept of Zoos, in general. I could not care less about what new, pretty looking cages they have built to further confuse and dismay their “exhibits”. I would never patronize such a backwards thinking organization as one that holds wild animals in captivity for the enjoyment of affluent drunks, especially one which uses an event like this to promote their agenda on unsuspecting numbskulls. The elephant feedings may be the most insulting and abhorrent part, considering how horribly their handling of elephants has been in recent years, and how public of a scandal it was. When a judge is chastising the local zoo for their handling of animals, it should give pause to any reasonable adult human.

  • David Galvan

    Whoa. To each their own, buddy. But, as a parent, I would be heavily depriving my kids if I held to this kind of principle. No going to any zoos or aquariums? That’s kinda extreme.

    The L.A. Zoo, in particular, may not meet the standards of the nation’s best zoos. But if you’re against any “organization that holds wild animals captive”. . . this is where I get off.

  • Yolo Watefah

    I am going to be getting drunk and swimming with tigers and gorillas.

  • Joe

    If gawking at sickly animals held in captivity by private corporations and condoning the system that allows such a thing is an acceptable thing to pass on to your kids, you go right ahead. Just don’t be surprised if they are morally-confused and ethically-challenged as adults. Enjoy scaring the wits out of the already tortured animals at your event though, just drink a little drink and pet an emaciated elephant for fun.

  • overly squeamish

    If what you say is truly going on at the Zoo, wouldn’t it be in the animals best interest for more people to witness these so-called horrors you speak of? If nobody goes, then who would know? And why hasn’t someone posted a video online?

    As far as moral confusion and ethical challenges go, let me tell you: witnessing some mild discomfort by an animal at the zoo pales in comparison to being raised in a cult-like religion by emotionally absent and neglectful parents. Maybe we ought to outlaw parenthood!


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