Bike Nation Asks Long Beachers to Suggest Location for Its 250 Proposed Bike-Share Kiosks

(Want to celebrate Bike Week but can’t make an event? You can help out Bikeside with their L.A. Bike Survey or Bike Nation Long Beach as outlined below. – DN)

After the announcement in August of last year that Bike Nation will create one of its largest bike-sharing programs ever–250 kiosks throughout the city–all was quiet on the share-a-bike front. Claiming a kiosk would appear downtown in February ultimately resulted in… a display of what the bike actually looks like.

Bike Nation will probably stick with the Convention Center as a logical location for kiosks. But where else might they go? Suggest your favorite coffee shop or even where you work.

New word has finally broke out and Bike Nation is encouraging Long Beachers to suggest where they should place those 250 kiosks, a move that is honestly cool and rather exciting (even though, as a fixie dude, a bit turned off by the bulky, GPS-equipped bicycle contraptions they’ve conjured up). Of course, a similar web-app appeared for Bike Nation’s Los Angeles system last August. Thus far, there are no Bike Nation bike or kiosks on the ground in the City of Angeles.

But there is a small system in Anaheim, and that’s reason to hope that the nation’s only completely privately funded bike share company is slowly readying for a larger roll out.

But back to the app.

The web-app–which after a little over a week of activation has some 11 nominations, with the vast majority being located in the downtown area–allows people to register for free and make their suggestions within the boundaries of the city. And note: make sure you register for the “Suggest a Station,” not the overall Bike Nation registration which will have you sign up for a membership that will throw either $75/year or $35/mo on your card.

Thus far, after a couple weeks in action, 12 suggestions have been placed, with the vast majority–8–all being located downtown. My hope is that the more affluent areas don’t get overridden and bourgeoning neighborhoods like North Long Beach and the west side see a flurry of activity.

This is a big deal–and not just on an environmental and design level, where we are slowly-but-surely preparing ourselves for future urbanism. There is also a deeply philosophical level to it. This type of program can interconnect a wide array of Long Beach citizens, outside of location or economic level for the most part, in a way that has never been done before.

So go make a suggestion.

Instructions are easy:

1) Register here with your user name. Note: Passwords require both a symbol (e.g !, @, #) and a number.

2) After registering, login here.

3) Once the map loads, zoom in towards the location you desire, click on it, leave your comment, and voila.

4) Take a gander at other locations, using a Facebook-like “dislike” or “like” suggestion that will tally up votes. You can also start a conversation.

  • Bike Share Enemy

    Bike Share Friend are you still here? Answer your email.

    Is there an option to dislike the whole bike sharing program altogether? ;) I promise you bike sharing will not be a part of our future urbanism. Instead of this bike sharing program, DTLB should focus on bringing better businesses to the area.

  • KK

    CSULB! Need to be on both upper and lower campus and near the REC center!

  • Kevin

    do bike nation members have preference regarding placement suggestions? i tried to suggest areas and my suggestions seem to disappear

  • Not currently working for me on my Mac. I click to suggest a spot, it refreshes to the previous page, and when I then return to the “suggest page” my suggestion is not present.

    Will try PC at home.

  • Jason

    Yeah my suggestions haven’t shown up on the map yet, although my comments show up right away.

  • Jason

    I tried inputting suggestions in Firefox, IE, and Chrome and each time I try to add one it takes me back a page and my suggestion doesn’t show up. I thought maybe there was just a time delay but this was hours ago and checking again it looks like they still aren’t there. This is despite the fact that commenting works and also that it looks like people have added suggested locations since earlier (so it’s working for some people I suppose). It looks like others are having this issue. Has anybody that has had trouble figured out how to get this to work?

  • Erik Griswold

    Am I the only one with deep concerns over BikeNation’s ability to deliver a functioning Bikeshare system?

  • Erik Griswold

    A comment like yours, despite your “name” is why I am deeply troubled about having BikeNationUSA as the only player in town.

  • No.

  • grrlyrida

    Nope. I even talked to the mayor’s staff about my reservations. They didnt really seem to understand my concerns.

  • Bike Share Enemy

    Believe me, you don’t want any bike sharing player in town. I’m being serious, but since we do have one, I’m sure glad it’s BikeNationUSA.

  • Bike Share Enemy

    I pray to the livable streets gods that your concerns become a reality. This bike sharing nonsense needs to stop.

  • Bike Share Enemy

    Honestly do you really think DTLB needs a bike sharing program? They already have BikeStation for parking and racks all over the place, all you need is your own bike, or you can walk. EVERYTHING is within one square mile.

  • Bike Share Enemy

    Furthermore, they have the Passport buses that are FREE within DTLB, and they have bike racks on them (not sure if they’re on the purple ones). The red Passport buses, with bike racks on them, go from DTLB to the other shopping destinations and CSULB. So again do you honestly think DTLB needs a bike sharing program? Complete nonsense.

  • Jon

    This is mostly for visitors that do not have their own bikes with them. Visitors that flew in from out of town for a convention for example.

    The Passport does not leave DTLB now. Unfortunately they have regular buses on Ocean Blvd going to Belmont Shore now which are not nearly as enticing as the old A/D Passport.

    Also, no bus will take you on a scenic leisure ride on the beach.

    Why you are so upset about this anyways?

  • Jon

    What are the concerns exactly?

  • Erik Griswold

    Well. let’s start with there being just 3 working BikeNation kiosks in all of Southern California…

  • Bike Share Enemy

    Awesome. HaHa, I wasn’t aware of this.

  • Bike Share Enemy

    I’m aware they get a lot of visitors because of all the events happening down there. The best solution logically then would be for the hotels to rent out bikes, so they can use the existing bicycle infrastructure. After all, Long Beach claims to be the best bicycling city in the nation! Does not the above make more sense then this bike sharing nonsense? AND, as I said before DTLB is within one square mile, so people can just walk to where ever they need to go. AND, if they don’t want to walk, they have the Passport, which is free…………I wasn’t aware of the changes with the Passport buses, how it was setup before was perfect. I preferred taking them over the regular buses because they felt cleaner and roomier………..I’m upset with bike sharing in general because I know it’s going to hurt the long term goals of the livable streets community. I can’t explain why now, but I plan to in the future…………With regards to bike sharing in Long Beach/Los Angeles, I’m actually not too concerned about it now because I think they can be shut down easily. I’m more concerned with the more influential cities such as NYC. Trying to shut down the NYC bike sharing program is going to be extremely tough, but I have some ideas that might just work.

  • ikegawataro

    My prediction is SM snubs BikeNation, implements with a diff. system which LA ends up using.

  • Eagle Eye

    How about some other city for a location?

  • Eagle Eye

    Maybe because we don’t want OUR tax dollars used for these ridiculous pursuits? If there is a REAL interest for this, let it come from the marketplace, not from government or secular progressives.

  • This *is* coming from the marketplace. Bike Nation isn’t getting any public money to do this; they’re asking for the city to grant them permits to set up their own privately-funded system.

    I can tell you don’t exactly like the whole idea of bike share to begin with. If you don’t want short-term point-to-point bike rentals to be widely available in Long Beach, that’s fine, but you should have a debate based on the facts instead of making up your own. Please educate yourself on the basic workings of the program before commenting further:

  • “I’m upset with bike sharing in general because I know it’s going to hurt the long term goals of the livable streets community. I can’t explain why now, but I plan to in the future.”

    Is it the future yet? I’d like to hear your thoughts on why bike sharing in general is a bad idea, because my first instinct is to disagree.

    Also, many of the arguments in favor of bike share have to do with the flexibility it provides for residents and workers (as opposed to visitors). Being able to bike on only one leg of a trip while using a different mode on another, for example — or not having to worry about theft when the bike’s not in use (because it’s docked at a station and thus the bike share operator’s responsibility). I’m wondering what drawbacks you foresee that could outweigh the value of this added convenience, and if you can point to any examples of where these negatives have manifested themselves in cities where bike share has already been implemented. Is there some reason why these negatives can’t be mitigated or overcome while still providing the benefits described above?

  • Steven White

    Please, oh please let it be the future already… I can’t wait to hear this.

    And why it’s so secretive.

  • Bike Share Enemy

    No, it’s not the future yet ;)

    I fully understand all the benefits of bike sharing, but I’m also fully confident in my claim that bike sharing will hurt the long-term goals of the livable streets community. The keyword being “long-term”.

    I have been working on a project for a few years now that contains information backing up my claim. It’s this project that I plan on revealing sometime in the future.

    Recently, while commenting on another site regarding bike sharing, I had an epiphany. This epiphany has prompted me to start a second project that will attack bike sharing from another angle. I plan on revealing this project in about a month or two. I plan on having a website for it, and it will be there that I will discuss my criticisms on bike sharing. Keep an eye out for it!

  • Bike Share Enemy

    See my reply to Niall Huffman.

    It’s secretive because …….

    “A single idea from the human mind can build cities, an idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.” — Inception (movie)

  • Erik Deckard

    Being that I was once a Long Beach resident, I think its a great idea
    for the City. Here in Miami we’ve had an identical program called the
    “DecoBike” for some time now and its been beyond successful. I own a
    bike but there’s something about being able to easily rent a bike at one
    location, drop it off at another and not have to worry about it
    thereafter. I usually use it to get to work when time is not on my side
    and I believe for that alone its priceless but overall its only enhanced
    the community and made access to green and efficient transportation

  • What about the basic requirements in the hotel ?

  • Am I the only one with deep concerns over BikeNation’s ability to deliver a functioning Bikeshare system?

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