The Week in Livable Streets Events

This week there is a ton of bikey stuff happening around the county, especially inside city limits, Pasadena and Long Beach, as part of “Bike Week” celebrations. We’re highlighting some of the events below, but be sure to check out Bike Long Beach, Bike Week Pasadena, Santa Monica Bike Week and Metro’s Bike Week page to see more details and more events happening around town(s).

  • Monday – Metro’s all excited about the Eastside Access Project. They even claim to have” exciting, new streetscape designs that will make you want to stroll, power-walk, or ride your bikes to the Indiana, Maravilla, East LA Civic Center,  and Atlantic Gold Line Eastside Stations.” Come see and learn about these streetscape designs tonight. Get the details for the 6 pm meeting, here.
  • Tuesday – It’s the most original event of Bike Week, the Good Samaritan Blessing of the Bikes! This not-at-all kitchy event usually features some of the best rah-rah bike speeches you’ll ever here and the awarding of the Golden Spoke award. If you’re worried about your bicycle being attacked by vampires, or you have a love of fresh-squeezed OJ, this is the place for you. Stop by on your way to work, the blessing starts at 8 am at Good Sam’s.
  • Tuesday – Do you like burgers and the LACBC? The Counter in Studio City is doing a fundraiser. Eat there, show them this coupon. All will be good as long as they are open on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday, Thursday – Metro Board of Directors committee hearings. Look around for Leimert Park Station hints or check out the special budget hearing. Even with Leimert Park announcement stalled until next month, there’s plenty to see. Dana, you’re going to look through the budget for me, right? RIGHT? All the meeting details are available on the Metro website.
  • Thursday – It’s Bike to Work Day and Bike From Work Day. All in one day. Groovy.
  • Friday – Bike Night at the Hammer! Grab some friends and pedal on over for an evening celebrating all things bicyclistic! Free festivities include bicycle portraits, a screening of the 1983 Australian action movie BMX Bandits (starring a young, not-yet-famous Nicole Kidman), bicycle-centric crafts, and free admission to exhibitions including LLYN FOULKES. Guest hosted by artist and bicycle enthusiast/activist Lisa Anne Auerbach. Details.
  • Friday – If I weren’t leaving town Friday morning, I wouldn’t be at The Hammer, but at the Bike In at Bike Week Pasadena. No offense to the hammer, but the Bike In is going to screen a quick Streetfilm and they invited me to speak. I’ll speak pretty much anywhere, and I mean anywhere, I’m invited. Oh, and the movie is Napoleon Dynamite. Get the details, here.
  • Saturday – In 2008, I rode Pasadena Critical Mass the Saturday of Bike Week in Pasadena. The Kids Costume Bicycle Parade sounds like pretty much the same thing except it’s officially sanctioned and the Mayor’s going to be there. No, not Antonio the Mayor of Pasadena, silly. Details.
  • Sunday –  Kidical Mass Bixby Knolls celebrates one year of family bike rides with a kid-friendly ride, featuring ice cream at Georgie’s Place, where the event begins and ends. Details.

Is there more? Is there something we need to know of for next week? Let us know,


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The Week in Livable Streets Events

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The Week in Livable Streets Events

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