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A couple of weeks ago, Streetsblog asked our readers to submit pictures for the Spring Street Photo Contest. We will accept votes on Streetsblog through Saturday at noon. Then the top two vote getters will be voted on in a “money counts” contest at Saturday’s fundraiser. When people contribute, they will put their donation into a jar in front of one of the two finalists. Finalist that raises the most cash wins.

The six images are available below. Pick your favorite and we’ll let you know Monday morning who took each of the pictures and who wins the Streetsblog prize bag.

Just a reminder, the Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane is in danger. Film L.A., which succesfully lobbied against the Main Street Bike Lane receiving the green paint treatment, received assurances from the L.A. Mayor’s Office that the green paint on Spring Street would be allowed to fade. The Mayor’s Office, under pressure from Hollywood’s representatives to the City Council Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge, has stopped LADOT from repainting the lane despite support for the lane from bike advocates  the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council and Downtown L.A.’s City Councilman, Jose Huizar.

Despite video proof that Film L.A.’s major concerns are, to be polite, a complete fabrication, the lane remains unpainted.

Picture 1: The Brewery Ride
Picture 2: Photographing the photographer
Picture 3: Spring Street Express Lane
Picture 4: Driving away the film industry, which is filming across the street
Picture 5: Family Ride
Picture 6: Go cyclist go.


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