Today’s Headlines

  • KCET Talks to Both Sides of the Bike Wars
  • Remember the Study Showing Transit Good for Housing Prices? That’s True in L.A. Too (The Source)
  • County Bars Bikes from Park Where Cars Allowed. Whoops. That’s Illegal (Biking In L.A.)
  • Santa Monica Has Its “Worst” Congestion in 18 Years (Dispatch)
  • Everyone Loves MyFigueroa! (Blog Downtown, KPCC)
  • Reseda Park Hours Limited Because of Gangs (Daily News)
  • Bieber Update: Someone Really Needs to Take This Kid’s Keys Away (TMZ via Curbed)
  • The California High Speed Rail Authority Is Ready to Take on All Comers in Court (Merc-News)
  • Council Considers Backup Plan for Convention Center (LATDaily News)
  • Greuel Goes After “City Leadership,” Garcetti and Villaraigosa (Daily News)

Per KPCC’s City Maven: Big day for endorsements in the mayor’s race. Former candidate Jan Perry will endorse Eric Garcetti later this morning. In the afternoon, Magic Johnson will back Wendy Greuel.

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  • Mike

    Quite an interesting pile of articles, but, the same themes over and over.

    Re: ‘Santa Monica has its worst congestion’, the author notes that traffic is getting worse, new development is coming that will make it even worse, and that the Expo Line won’t help. She’s right on all three counts. I wonder what she’d think about the only solution that’s ever been proven to make traffic better: road tolls for drivers. Santa Monica could pull it off, too, since there aren’t that many ways into town.

    Re: ‘Bike Wars’: I wonder how these articles would play out if it would be possible to talk about the health of bike commuters vs the health of car commuters at the same time as talking about the detrimental effects of bike lanes on car traffic.

  • PC

    Oh, sweet. Housing is even more unaffordable near transit in LA, too. Break out the champagne, liveable streets advocates!