Today’s headlines

I’ll be filling in for Damien Newton as editor of Streetsblog LA for the next two days, as he travels to Rome for an audience with the first transit-using Pope. Okay, no, that’s not really where he is. But he should be, right? I’d read that story.

  • The victim of the horrific Zoo Drive hit-and-run calls for the driver to turn himself in (KTLA)
  • Even cops fall victim to dangerous U-turning drivers (LA Daily News)
  • That other HSR project, from LA to LV, is under attack in DC from the GOP (Las Vegas Sun)
  • But the Downtown Streetcar project is on track to secure final funding (Blog Downtown)
  • San Diego driver runs away after wrecking his brand new $220,000 Lamborghini (LAist)
  • Bad idea keeps coming back; Tesla’s Elon Musk calls for double-decking the 405 (KCRW via Curbed LA)
  • BART allows bikes on trains, world doesn’t end (KALW via LA Transportation Headlines)
  • Sonoma becomes first county to adopt LA’s cyclist anti-harassment ordinance (Press Democrat)
  • Lancaster pedestrian seriously injured in hit-and-run (LA Daily News)
  • Lead singer of of gloomy 80’s band Bauhaus pleads not guilty to drunken hit-and-run (LA Times)
  • Meanwhile, rapper Too Short attempts — and fails — to flee DUI and drug charges on foot (LAist)

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