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I’ll be filling in for Damien Newton as editor of Streetsblog LA for the next two days, as he travels to Rome for an audience with the first transit-using Pope. Okay, no, that’s not really where he is. But he should be, right? I’d read that story.

  • The victim of the horrific Zoo Drive hit-and-run calls for the driver to turn himself in (KTLA)
  • Even cops fall victim to dangerous U-turning drivers (LA Daily News)
  • That other HSR project, from LA to LV, is under attack in DC from the GOP (Las Vegas Sun)
  • But the Downtown Streetcar project is on track to secure final funding (Blog Downtown)
  • San Diego driver runs away after wrecking his brand new $220,000 Lamborghini (LAist)
  • Bad idea keeps coming back; Tesla’s Elon Musk calls for double-decking the 405 (KCRW via Curbed LA)
  • BART allows bikes on trains, world doesn’t end (KALW via LA Transportation Headlines)
  • Sonoma becomes first county to adopt LA’s cyclist anti-harassment ordinance (Press Democrat)
  • Lancaster pedestrian seriously injured in hit-and-run (LA Daily News)
  • Lead singer of of gloomy 80’s band Bauhaus pleads not guilty to drunken hit-and-run (LA Times)
  • Meanwhile, rapper Too Short attempts — and fails — to flee DUI and drug charges on foot (LAist)

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  • Anonymous

    As an owner of some Tesla stock, hearing Elon Musk spout nonsense about the 405 and CAHSR worries me, and makes me think twice about investing any more in any of his companies. If he’s willing to speak so freely about something he’s so clearly uninformed about, what does this say about his ability to make decisions as a CEO?

  • Juan Matute

    It worried me too.

  • Anonymous

    Elon Musk strikes me as kind of like, well, Tesla. Really smart guy willing to try a lot of things. Some things that conventional wisdom holds to be crazy. Some will work out. Would most people have predicted SpaceX would do so well? Or even Tesla? Some will turn out to be crazy. I don’t think the economics are there for double decking the 405. If Musk thinks it makes economic sense, maybe he should submit an unsolicited bid to Caltrans to build a privately operated tollway.

    As for CAHSR, trust me, there are many reasons to be suspicious about the cost and efficiency of the project. The concept of CAHSR is solid, but the devil is in the details. Waste a billion here by building track centers wider than they need to be, waste a billion there on vehicles that are needlessly backwards-compatible with legacy infrastructure in Connecticut…

  • PC

    No HSR to Nevada? Bummer. So much for that Vegas run. Well, at least we can spend the weekend riding slowly in a useless one-way loop around downtown Los Angeles at great municipal expense!

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