Today’s Headlines

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  • Elections Matter (The Source, Biking in L.A.)
  • Harbor Commission’s SCIG/BNSF Vote Scheduled for Thursday Morning (Daily Breeze)
  • State Gas Tax Hike to Kick in This Summer (AP)
  • A Quick Chat with Emanuel Pleitez Between His Biking Schedule (Biking in L.A.)
  • Metro Launches Bike Safety Campaign (The Source)
  • Downtown Football Stadium May Be Doomed (Yahoo Sports)
  • Maybe One Day We’ll Have Rail to the Ontario Airport. Curbed Isn’t Giving Up.
  • Transit Coalition Chair Declares War on Villaraigosa Over Lawless TOD Approvals (City Watch)
  • Everything That’s Wrong with OCTA, in One Simple Interview (OC Register)
  • Apparently, It’s Illegal for Cops to Dismiss Tickets for Politically Connected People Because They’re Connected (LAT)
  • More Fodder for Bashing HSR: “Disadvantaged” Hiring Policy Strikes Up Controversy (SacBee)

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  • Chance

    In reference to “Transit Coalition Chair Declares War on Villaraigosa Over Lawless TOD Approvals (City Watch)”

    The article mentions that we want Mass Transit to expand in the Eastside, Westside, Mid-City, and Downtown.  Those areas all already have, or in the middle of constructing, their mass transit infrastructure.  I think the author forgot South LA and my home, the SFV.  The SFV has the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor and Sepulveda Pass Project.  At every meeting, we have to struggle to keep those projects from becoming useless bus routes.  And we have yet to have any plans to expand the Red Line west as was originally suggested over twenty years ago, or at least get an Orange Line where the Orange Bus currently lives.

    Perhaps the exclusion of the SFV from the popular discussion is why the SFV projects lack funding, the support of our politicians,  and why the SFV helped defeat Measure J.  (before people exclaim about what a disaster the defeat of J was, imagine if you would have supported it if it funded SFV projects instead of a project in East, South, West, or Middle.  Because I had next to nothing to gain from its passage and at least some hope of a different future with its defeat).

    The pro-transit population may wish to be more inclusive of an area that not only has some of, if not the, worst traffic in Los Angeles and makes up about 1/5 of the population, but also has high voter turnout.