2013 City Council Voter Guide

##http://la.curbed.com/archives/2013/02/council_candidate_calls_for_sunset_rail_line_riverside_streetcar.php##Curbed## covered a plan by CD 13 candidate Matt Szabo to make Sunset Blvd. a Livable Street.

While the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) and Streetsblog Los Angeles are 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and cannot endorse candidates, both organizations can get candidates’ views on bike planning and policy to better inform voters on where these candidates stand on issues that affect you. 

This year, eight of the fifteen City Council offices will be voted on tomorrow. Six of those eight offices have no incumbent Council Member. The LACBC offered each candidate a chance to respond to a survey on bicycle and pedestrian issues. Streetsblog Los Angeles filmed two candidate debates with interviews with the participating candidates afterwards. We also previewed the 5th Council District race in what we then thought would be an ongoing series on all six races for which we thought we would not have video.

Links to the candidate surveys, videos, and other Streetsblog coverage can be found after the jump.


City Council Candidate Surveys

Below is your list of leading Los Angeles council candidates. If their name is highlighted, it will take you to their LACBC survey. If there is Streetsblog media available, we’ll make note of it.


Council District 1

Watch all three candidates at a two hour debate on livability on Streetsblog TV.

Read our review of the debate at Streetsblog Los Angeles.

Jose A. Gardea

Streetsblog Interview

Jesse Rosas

Streetsblog Interview

Not submitted: Gil Cedillo

 Streetsblog Interview

Council District 3

Cary Iaccino

Not submitted: Elizabeth Badger, Bob Blumenfield, Joyce J. Pearson, Steven E. Presberg, Scott Silverstein

Council District 5

Read our story on Streetsblog Los Angeles.

Paul Koretz (incumbent)

Not submitted: Mark Matthew Herd 

Council District 7

Krystee Clark

Not submitted: Jesse David Barron, Nicole Chase, Felipe Fuentes

Council District 9

Terry Hara

Ana Cubas

Not submitted: Manuel Aldanna, Mike Davis, Ron Gochez, Curren D. Price Jr., David Roberts

Council District 11

Watch all four candidates debate livability at a two hour debate on Streetsblog TV.

Mike Bonin

Streetsblog Interview

Odysseus Bostick

Streetsblog Interview

Tina Hess

Streetsblog Interview

Fred Sutton

Streetsblog Interview

Council District 13

Michael Schaefer

Josh Post

Mitch O’Farrell

Alex De Ocampo

Robert Haraldson

Not submitted: John J. Choi, Sam Kbushyan, Emile Mack, Robert Negrete, Octavio Pescador,Jose Sigala

Council District 15

Not submitted: Jose Buscaino (incumbent), James T. Law


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