Bike Plan EIR Comments Due By 5 p.m.

The Los Angeles City Planning Department released the draft Environmental Impact Report for the next 5 years of Bike Lane implementation. This plan covers 39.5 miles of bike lanes.

Due to the passage of A.B. 2245 last year by Governor Brown, the EIR process will not be as lengthy as it has been in the past, but the City will instead be relying on public outreach. That’s where you come in. The city needs to hear from you.

Send in your comments


If you haven’t been able to make it to any of the four bike plan hearings, fear not! You can still go on record in support of the bike lane projects. Please feel free to use our words or your own in asking for more bike lanes. You can also mention specific projects by name that you particularly want to support. (A map of the projects is here.)

Send in your comments to David Somers at City Planning at by Monday, March 4th, at 5 PM.


Dear Departments of Transportation and Planning,


As a resident of (insert neighborhood here), I am writing in support of all of the proposed bike lanes under review.  The addition of bike lanes will only help increase safety and mobility options for people to visit prime destinations in the area and commute to work.  If we can make bike riding a safe, welcoming option, then we can relieve congestion, clean the air, and improve all of our health.


While I understand that these proposed bike lanes may require the removal of a travel lane, the benefits of bicycle lanes outweigh this cost.  On many of the streets, the bike lanes will reduce motorists speeding through our community to get to destinations elsewhere.  Bike lanes will also help people feel comfortable riding on the street instead of the sidewalk, which is safer for them and safer for pedestrians.  Bike lanes are good for my community, and give me and my neighbors an option to bypass traffic rather than sitting in it.


In the end, these bike lanes will make our community feel safer and have more travel options to help people get around on foot or on two wheels.  With adequate infrastructure on our streets, I’d be more willing to ride to work, recreate, and run errands.  Thank you for your consideration.

If you would like more talking points on benefits of bike lanes and want to modify this letter, please feel free to look at the summary we have generated here.


Bike Plan Projects Heading Off to Environmental Review

Yesterday the LADOT announced through the LADOT Bike Blog that a series of projects outlined in the Bike Plan would undergo a full environmental review before construction of these projects can begin construction.  Between conversations with City Planning and LADOT, we have a good idea of how the environmental review will go forward.  City staff […]