The Mayoral Candidate Video Series: Wendy Greuel

Filmed, directed, and edited by Shireen Alihaji and Kris Fortin
Produced by Damien Newton for Streetsblog Los Angeles
Questions from: Bus Riders Union, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Los Angeles Walks, Occidental College UEPI, Southern California Transit Advocates and Streetsblog Los Angeles.
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All good things must come to an end, and sadly there are only five major candidates running for Mayor of Los Angeles. Sadly, this is the last of our video series, although you can watch any of the videos at any time at the links above.

We met Wendy Greuel at her newly opened office in Studio City just last Saturday. Our cameras captured images of Greuel interacting with staff and volunteers as she visited the office on its first day before we began our conversation.

As with Garcetti, Greuel pointed repeatedly to her record. Garcetti pointed to a number of interesting projects in his district as proof of his Livable Streets credentials, but Greuel pointed at her policy victories as Chair of the City Council Transportation Committee. Wilshire Bus Only Lanes? Those moved through the committee when she chaired it. The Bike Plan? She was one of the first voices urging Planning and LADOT to take cyclists complaints on early drafts more seriously.

In this video, she endorses keeping fares low for students and seniors, building 40 miles of new bicycle projects every year, and expanding the bus only lanes program. Perhaps most impressively, she calls building a complete streets program “one of her top priorities as mayor.”

For cyclists, she has what is perhaps the best quote of any of the candidates, “The residents and the drivers of Los Angeles need to understand; it’s the dawn of a new day.”


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