Today’s Headlines

  • #RoadBond on Hold (LAT)
  • More on the Alternatives Analysis for Light Rail/BRT on Van Nuys (Curbed)
  • DMV Study Pushes Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants (LAT)
  • Gender and Income Breakdown of Metro Riders (The Source)
  • USC Rolls Out the Unwelcome Mat. Where Have I Read This Story Before? (LAT)
  • From the Archives: Huell Howser on Bikes (Huell Howser Archive)
  • Confused by TAP Machines? Metro Plans an Upgrade. (The Source)
  • Using Grand Central Station as a Model for Union Station (DTLA Rising)
  • Johnson Named OCTA CEO Again (Voice of OC)

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  • Dan W.

    The Van Nuys Blvd. project should be light rail eventually extending south to LAX.

    And transit advocates should be lobbying to have the Robbins bill repealed so the Orange Line can be upgraded to light-rail.

    BRT is not a “train on wheels” and it is an insult to the San Fernando Valley to be given measly BRT while the San Gabriel Valley gets two or more Gold Line extensions.

  • Chance

    I agree with you entirely.  To tie the two concepts together of the Orange line becoming an actual line and Van Nuys being LRT,  if Van Nuys is LRT (which requires the building of a rail yard), then converting the Orange Bus to a Line would be that much easier since Orange Line trains could use the same rail yard.


    There were about 400 people at the public hearing for the West Adam Community Plan. Streetsblog worthy?