The Week in Livable Streets Events

This week is a little light on the policy meetings, unless you’re one of those people that live and die on Metro Board Sub-Committee meetings. Fortunately, there’s a lot of fun on the agenda to keep us going as Carmageddon looms in just 11 scary days from now.

  • All Week – Do you like to ride a bike? You probably do, you’re reading Streetsblog after all. This week, a group of the most popular late night bike rides in L.A. combine forces for a week of “Bike Los Angeles,” great rides on different nights. The fun kicks off tonight in Silverwood Park before tomorrow’s iconic Westside ride, Taco Tuesday and the equally iconic Eastside ride with MOM Ridazz (which has nothing to do with parenthood). Wedneday brings the oddly named “Batman isn’t here to lead this, yet he is” ride and another Westside ride at Stoner Park. Thursday brings another MOM Ridazz ride, this one the “Ladies and Gentlemen” ride.
  • UPDATE – Tuesday, Thursday – El Sereno and Pasadena hold local public meetings on the proposed I-710 Big Dig. Get the meeting details, here.
  • Wednesday, Thursday – The Metro Board of Directors Sub-C0mmittees meet to prepare for next week’s Board Meeting. What’s going to be on the agenda? What’s going to be hot for debate? We’ll find out. Get the complete sub-committee breakdown at Metro’s home page.
  • Thursday – The Flying Pigeon Bike Shop hosts another meeting of LACBC’s Neighborhood Bike Ambassadors program, this time for Northeast Los Angeles. Get all the details, here.
  • Saturday – You know the great thing about fracking? No, it’s not being able to set water on fire after fracking pollutes the hell out of it, but that’s pretty cool. No, it’s not that our ancestors would probably commit mass suicide to stop us from devising this new way to torture the planet of we could take a time machine and explain it to them. It’s the name. See, it kind of sounds like a curse word. This weekend, hundreds will gather to demand that nobody fracks with L.A. and Culver City. All jokes aside, the message is deadly serious. Join the movement, and get the details at our calendar section.


Did we miss something? Are you planning something awesome for Carmageddon? Let us know at damien at streetsblog dot org.


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