Today’s Headlines

  • Alarcon Aide Who Killed Pedestrian with Car Skates on Felony Charges (Daily News)
  • Flaw at Blue Line Junction Causes Derailment Risk.  Metro Welds. (LAT)
  • OC Confuses Drivers on Toll Rules.  LA Shouldn’t Follow Suit (Daily News)
  • Skelton: Bullet Train Vote a Show of Working Politics (LAT)
  • A Look at How Business and the Economy Can Get More People on Bikes (Green Octopus)
  • Sepulveda Pass Project Still Totally Worth It!  But Rampture Stinks (UCLA News)
  • Of Course People Will Ride California HSR (SFGateSF Examiner)
  • Glendale Considers One Mile Road Diet (News-Press)
  • After High Speed Chase on the 170, Suspect Crashes Into Metro Bus in NoHo (Daily News)
  • “Horrifying Drumbeat” of Cycling Fatalities Rolls On (Biking In L.A.)

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