Today’s Headlines

  • Culver City Sends Bike Theft Alert for Bikes Stored Along Expo (After the Jump)
  • L.A. Has Rail Mojo Again (SacBee)
  • Rail Safety Expert That Called Expo Line Unsafe Still Thinks It’s Unsafe (LAT)
  • It’s Not a Hit and Run When Driver Gets Out and Shoots You (Biking In L.A.)
  • Or If You’re Hit by a Celebrity (Daily News)
  • End of CRA’s Bad News for Trailer Park Redevelopment (LAT)
  • Beverly Hills Subway Obstruction Sets National Standard for NIMBYism (Salon)
  • CHiPs Buying Up SUV’s (LAT)
  • So. Pas Residents Still Not on Board with Big Dig (Pasadena Sun)
  • In Race for Mayor, Greuel Has the “Hot Hand” (LAT)

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Please be advised that there have already been a number of bike thefts reported along the new Expo Line and especially at La Cienega. To help reduce your risk of bike loss, follow these guidelines:

1. ALWAYS lock your bike.
2. Use a good quality U-Shape lock. Cable locks are easy to use, lightweight and affordable but they are easily cut with bolt cutters (experience talking here)
3. If in doubt, use 2 locks. Use a u-Lock to lock the bike and wheel to the rack and a cable to lock the rear wheel to the u-lock.
4. Be sure to report any bike theft to the police within the jurisdiction.
5. Keep a copy of the bike’s serial number so you can include that in your report.
6. Take some pictures of your bike
Remember, you can take your bike on the Metro (here are guidelines: And for commuters, there are bike lockers for rent at the LA Cienega station – for info, call 213.922.2660
Bike recovery is difficult, but it does happen. Having your serial number and photos of your bike included with your report may aid in recovery.