Rolling with the Real Rydaz Low Rider Bike Club

The Real Rydaz Low Rider Bike Club are comprised of around 30 riders, and distinguished from other groups by the insane amount of detail that goes into crafting their custom bikes. It’s all for a good cause, however. They hope that by riding with pride through the streets of their communities–communities where recreational riding is sometimes rare–they are sending a message about the importance of being healthy to youth and adults alike. It is a real club with dues and a probationary period.

Potential members must ride with the group for a probationary period of 45 days so that members can assess the extent to which that person will enhance the group and follow the rules, particularly when out on the road with the group. Once the period has passed and the person is approved, they can begin to invest in building up their bikes. The group is still a work in progress, says manager Shuntain Thomas. They are set in their mission of building bridges between health and kids, but are still strategizing on the best way to accomplish that goal.

In the meanwhile, they can be found at Exposition Park on Saturdays or riding in parades. Next up: the Black History Parade in Pasadena on Feb. 18 at 10 a.m.

  • Great group! Great photos – each really worth clicking on to get the individual stories!

  • Josef Bray-Ali

    These guys represent something special in Southern California culture that is not normally mixed in with all the other bike stuff going on. I had a crazy low rider bike when I was in high school and when I opened my shop I assumed that there would still be kids out there who wanted to do what I did: work all kinds of side jobs and fix up your bike in this lowrider style. The business side of lowrider bikes is pretty much disappeared from the bike shops in NELA. I know Manny’s Lowrider Shop in Venice still does some business in these parts, and you can find shops here and there that have these types of components, but it is few and far between.

    I had to get rid of my bike in college because all the white kids on campus would come home drunk and break stuff off of my “Mexican” bike. I couldn’t take having my ride destroyed before my eyes like that so I sold it to an RA.

    When I saw the Real Rydazz show up at an East Side Bike Club event I was practically doing flips. I grew up with this stuff, and I love what it represents.

  • William Campbell

    So awesome. I saw a few members and their amazing bikes at the second CycLAvia last April.

  • bobby frazier

    To whom this may concern Im the guy who was at the park lookin to speak to a represenative about you all doing a memorial ride with us the   25 th of august it would be a honor to have you im brother frazier fromtemple bapist church the slo9ow riders will be there and the regulator lowrider bike club and we are the christian joy riders bike club once again to honor to fallen young brothers my number is 562 387-9227 with love and respect your brother in christ Bobby Frazier

  • sahra

     Hi @69773a10e0e45b6d67ad9e00487946df:disqus –I’ll pass this on to Shuntain Thomas from the club!

  • Bigmack2x68

     BOTTOM$ Up
    Keep Up tha Great WorK Y’all
    From Mr.Bigg’MacK
    1 Luv 2 Y’all

  • Bigmack2x68

     BOTTOM$ Up
    Keep Up tha Great WorK Y’all
    From Mr.Bigg’MacK
    1 Luv 2 Y’all

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