Metro Begins Pre-Revenue Operations on Expo Line Next Week

Fearless prediction: April. I'll bet Mitt Romney $10,000 Expo Phase I opens in April without Culver City Station. That will open in August. Note, these are just predictions!

Earlier this morning at the Metro Board Meeting, CEO Art Leahy announced that pre-revenue operation of the Expo Line Phase I will begin on Monday.  “Pre-revenue operation” is usually the last phase of tests a new fixed rail transit line undergoes before the line opens to the public.  The agency will run trains on the line as though service has begun although there won’t be any passengers on the train other than the crew and any special guests.

The beginning of pre-revenue while construction of the station in Culver City is ongoing means that if no other problems pop up, Phase I will open sometime this Spring but end at the station located at La Cienega and Jefferson Blvd.  An opening for the completed line will come a couple of months after the station is completed in Culver City.

While this is good news for supporters of the Expo Line, the question most people still have is, “when will Phase I open?”  Pre-revenue operations usually run somewhere between six and eight weeks, so an opening in April isn’t out of the question.  According to The Source, the agency is playing it close to the vest and hasn’t announced an opening date yet.

  • Davistrain

    It’s not like electric railway operation is a totally new experience for the Los Angeles area, but today’s regulatory environment apparently requires that all possible contingencies in operation are accounted for.  It was a lot easier when railways just depended on human judgment (and self-preservation instincts) rather than complex computer controlled systems where “nature always sides with the hidden flaw”.

  • Matswaltin

    I feel like they’ve made an announcement three or four times already that they’re beginning pre-revenue operations.  What the hell is going on?

  • Anonymous

    It happened once before, and that was a false alarm from the Expo Construction Authority. It’s up to Metro to decide when the line is in good enough shape for Metro to begin pre-revenue service. Metro CEO Art Leahy made that announcement today.

  • One caveat is during this testing phase no major problems can occur as the trains emulate regular operation. Otherwise the clock is set back to zero. 4-6 weeks of trouble free operation will persuade the folks at the P.U. C. to give the green light for the line to start carrying passengers. April looks like a good guess.

  • calwatch

    There is a complication that they need to coordinate with bus shakeups. So I think no later than June. Again, PUC has to approve. They delayed Eastside for that reason, but cancelled the bus service first. I don’t see MTA making the same mistake again.

  • Irwinc

    More good news for commuters to the West side. BBB will add a stop for Rapid 7 at Avenue of The Stars effective from 2/13/12. The direct bus ride from Century City to Wilshire/Western subway station will cut about 20 to 30 minutes and up to 2 transfers for people commuting from Orange County or San Gabriel Valley to Century City. They will now have a real transit option (Metrolink or Silver Line to Union Station –> Purple Line –> R7) that is time competitive with driving.

  • there is alrready direct service from union station on metr0 728,
    plus commuter express 534 to century city [534 countines to westwood aswell

  • Anonymous

    LADOT Commuter Express 534 only runs in Rush Hour Peak direction M-F.
    LA Metro 728 can take up to 1/2 hour just to get from LA Union Station to L.A. Live, while the Purple line gets to Wilshire/Western in under 14 minutes.

  • Anonymous

    This is wonderful news.  The Local 7 service has declined since the Rapid 7 was added.  With the elimination of the stop at Beverly Dr., there was a LONG stretch between Westwood and Robertson with no stop.  This may help with the problems the Local 7 has been having.  I will certainly use this new Rapid 7 stop at Avenue of the Stars.


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