Next Streetsblog Reader Interview: City Planning’s Claire Bowin

Last year, Streetsblog’s “reader interview” series was a shashing success.  The series led to some fantastic interactions between Streetsblog readers and some of L.A.’s most important decision makers and top advocates.  The first volunteer for our 2012 series is Claire Bowin, a senior planner with Los Angeles’ Planning Department.

Claire Bowin

You know how this works by now.  You leave your questions in the comments below, leave them at our Facebook Page or tweet them to @lastreetsblog by next Monday morning and we will compile the questions and send them to Bowin.  When she answers them, we will publish them in their entirety.

For those of you not familar with Bowin, last year at this time she was a hero to the bicycling advocacy community.  Her influence in the last rounds of negotiations on the Bike Plan were so criticial that none other than Bikeside President Alex Thompson took time to praise her work bringing all sides together  during the press event celebrating the plan’s signing.  Bowin is also involved in the less-popular environmental studies for bike plan projects as well as bike plan implementation, the Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan, River Improvement Overlay and even the SCAG’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

This year she’ll be working on a pair of new projects: an update to the City’s Housing Element and the development of a new Health and Wellness Chapter for the Framework Element.

If you’ve got questions for Bowin, fire away!


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