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Let’s be honest.  Without the support of Streetsblog’s readers, there would not be a Los Angeles Streetsblog.

The generous support of Mark Gorton launched the website, and the generous support of the David Bohnett Foundation, California Endowment and our monthly advertisers Flying Pigeon Los Angeles and GEK-Law allowed us to keep up our outstanding reporting, but half of our budget comes from reader donations.  And as the 2011 calendar year draws to a close, I’m asking for your support one more time.

The Streetsblogs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Capitol Hill, the Streetsblog Network and Streetfilms (NYC and worldwide) have a goal of raising $25,000 between now and December 31.  Help Los Angeles represent by making a donation of $50, $100, $250 or more today.  Some of you have already donated — last week’s fundraiser was a complete success! — but we need one more push to get over the hump for the rest of the year.  When you make your gift, be sure to select “Los Angeles” in the “Direct Your Donation…” drop down menu to your donation helps us expand our coverage locally.

2011 was a landmark year for transportation reform in Los Angeles.  Instead of “playing defense” against the Car Culture Warriors or local NIMBY group, advocates were finally able to go on offense boldly making the case for new bike projects, better transit projects and a bus system that works for users of all income levels.  In some cases, the local blowback against LADOT proposed projects were that the project wasn’t progressive enough.

But we also learned that change is hard, and the proponents of the gridlocked status-quo are everywhere and in many cases they are better funded than our side.  The words “bike lobby” have started to appear in publications as a smear against advocates fighting for safer streets and the places where misinformation has been used to battle against a transit improvement are almost too numerous to list.  As Los Angeles struggles to free itself from a car-clogged future, the need for a clear voice for change is never greater than it is right now.

But if that’s not enough motivation to consider donating today, here’s another reason to help us out right now: bribery.  For every $5 donated, we will add a ticket to our raffle pool of end of the year goodies.  Included in our raffle are a signed “Caution, Pass With Care” poster from 2010, LACBC River Ride Jersies from 2010 and 2011, new Streetsblog bags and t-shirts and a copy of “Car Free Travel Guide to Los Angeles.” In addition, the national Streetsblog movement is offering a chance to win some pretty hot rickshaw bags from Rickshaw Bagworks for the back of your bike.

Of course, every donation made to any of the Streetsblogs and Streetfilms is 100% tax deductible. Make your donation today, and when you do, select “Los Angeles” in the drop down menu. Your donation will be spent on projects right here in the Southland.

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