Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: Is this the end of the City’s promise to set aside 10% of its Measure R local return for bicycle and pedestrian projects?  We’re looking into it.

Featured Headline: The Beverly Hills Courier responds to the Source’s response to the Beverly Hills Couriers response (link no longer available) to the seismic and geological studies that pretty much demolished any chances that the Westside Subway would ever have a stop at Santa Monica Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars.  I’ll give you a preview, the Courier isn’t taking Metro’s claims lieing down.

  • City Readying Plan to Legalize Apron Parking as Long as Sidewalk Isn’t Blocked (Daily News)
  • Breaking: Telling People When the Bus Is Going to Show Up Popular (The Source)
  • Is 8,400 Riders Per Day a Generous Estimate for Downtown Streetcar? (Blog Downtown, LAist)
  • Santa Monica Daily Press Jumps on the Anti-HSR Rail Wagon
  • SF Bike Coalition Had a Big Night on Election Night (Streetsblog SF)
  • TOD Along the Gold Line, Present and Future (The Source)
  • Romney Promises to Cut Funding for Amtrak (The Hill)
  • Hit and Run Driver Kills Two Year Old in Santa Ana (Sac Bee)
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