Today’s Headlines

Today’s Headlines: Boy, go away for a day and miss an announcement about protected bike lanes coming to Downtown L.A.  Curbed, Blog Downtown, and the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition have the story.  In just a moment we’ll be reposting the story that appeared on for even more details.

  • Recap of Yesterday’s Metro Board Meeting (The Source)
  • LAPD Needs to Pay More Attention to Bike Safety When They’re Pulling Cars Over (Eastsider)
  • Epstein: What the Westside Subway Can Learn from Jerusalem’s Light Rail (Jewish Journal)
  • Quake Could Topple Sixth Street Bridge (Daily News)
  • A Look at the 1975 L.A. County Bike Plan (Primary Resources)
  • Bev. Hills Councilman Advocate Still Fighting Over Station Location…in Westwood (City Watch)
  • OCTA Receives 9.3 Million Federal Aid for Transit Center/Bike Share (OC Metro)
  • But OCTA Still Planning Some Service Cuts (OC Register)
  • Michigan Gov.  Has Plans for Transit Expansion, and How to Pay for It (Streetsblog Cap. Hill)
  • NO NFL Football Until at Least 2013 (ESPN)
  • City Watch: If Gates Are Illegal, Only Criminals Will Live in Gated Communities (City Watch)
  • Study Questions Outsourcing Red-Light Traffic Camera Systems (Coco Times)
  • Occupy Van Nuys on Coming This Weekend (Daily News)
  • LA/OC Gas Prices Fall Again (Daily News)
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