Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: A lot of people like to talk about Metro projects in terms of jobs created, both long and short-term, by the construction of a new rail line.  In the long-term, I think this can be a self-defeating motivation to build transit.  If, in the mania to create jobs we rush through transit projects that aren’t ready or fully thought out we do ourselves a disservice.
The flip of that is that the jobs that are created should be local jobs.  After all, the funds for these projects is coming in large part from a local transit tax, and this is why Metro passed a resolution that most construction jobs for Measure R projects should be local projects.  The website “Frying Pan News” puts a personal touch on the story, “He summed up the feeling for all of us. ‘When the vote came in at 11-1, for the first time in a long time I felt a sense of hope.'”  The story is a good read, check it out.

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