Today’s Headlines

<forehead slap> Photo Image vie Facebook, I have no idea what newspaper printed this.
  • Don’t Blame The Rain, But Still No Opening Date for Expo (Curbed)
  • “…proposed route would destroy churches, schools, homes, warehouses, banks, medical offices, stores and much more” (LAT)
  • Copenhagen Finally Considers Right Hand Turns on Red…But Only for Cyclists (Copenhagen Post)
  • Rampture Delayed Until 2012 (Curbed)
  • Bike Snob: Why Do We Accept Traffic Violence and Blame the Victim?
  • Biking In L.A.: Because Most People Treat Traffic Safety Like They Treat Dog Crap
  • “many ordinary and biologically necessary activities are illegal when performed in American streets…” (LAT)
  • Advocates Come to L.A. for Bike/Ped Advocacy Training (LACBC Blog)
  • Charity Motocyclists Killed in Big Rig Crash on the I-5 (Daily News)
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