Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: We’ve written a lot about the battle for the Leimert Park Station for the Crenshaw Line, but we haven’t talked much about the other station that dropped from “planned” to “ommitted” from the Crenshaw environmental documents.  LA Weekly has the scoop on the fight for a Westchester Metro Station and features a long interview with a member of the local Neighborhood Council.  Westchester may not have the p.r. appeal of the Leimert Station, but Councilman Bill Rosendahl and other pols are jumping on board the fight for a Westside station that would connect to the airport.
  • Brown Signs Stadium/CEQA Bill, CEQA Relief for Non-Profit/Government Projects Not in Site (LAT, Daily News)
  • 81.5% of NFL Fans to Farmers Field Expected to Arrive By CAR (Curbed)
  • My Wife, Who Worked on the Transportation Plan for Citi Field Thinks 81.5% Is “Honest Estimate”
  • Incumbent Supes Keep Voting Districts the Same for Future Supes Elections (LAT, Daily News)
  • Council Considering Charging Homeowners for Sidewalk Repair (City Watch)
  • Gökhan Posts a Link to the NFSR Release on the Expo Lawsuit
  • Portland City Repair Talk Tonight at L.A. Eco-Village (Eco-Village)
  • More on LADOT Kicking Caltrans’ Local Bike Guy Out of Think Bike (City Watch)
  • State Prepping Plan to Convert Traffic Rumbles to Renewable Energy (LA_Now)
  • Texas Transportation Institute Says L.A. Drivers Lose  a Lot of Time to Congestion (The Source)

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