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Featured Headline: We’ve written a lot about the battle for the Leimert Park Station for the Crenshaw Line, but we haven’t talked much about the other station that dropped from “planned” to “ommitted” from the Crenshaw environmental documents.  LA Weekly has the scoop on the fight for a Westchester Metro Station and features a long interview with a member of the local Neighborhood Council.  Westchester may not have the p.r. appeal of the Leimert Station, but Councilman Bill Rosendahl and other pols are jumping on board the fight for a Westside station that would connect to the airport.
  • Brown Signs Stadium/CEQA Bill, CEQA Relief for Non-Profit/Government Projects Not in Site (LAT, Daily News)
  • 81.5% of NFL Fans to Farmers Field Expected to Arrive By CAR (Curbed)
  • My Wife, Who Worked on the Transportation Plan for Citi Field Thinks 81.5% Is “Honest Estimate”
  • Incumbent Supes Keep Voting Districts the Same for Future Supes Elections (LAT, Daily News)
  • Council Considering Charging Homeowners for Sidewalk Repair (City Watch)
  • Gökhan Posts a Link to the NFSR Release on the Expo Lawsuit
  • Portland City Repair Talk Tonight at L.A. Eco-Village (Eco-Village)
  • More on LADOT Kicking Caltrans’ Local Bike Guy Out of Think Bike (City Watch)
  • State Prepping Plan to Convert Traffic Rumbles to Renewable Energy (LA_Now)
  • Texas Transportation Institute Says L.A. Drivers Lose  a Lot of Time to Congestion (The Source)

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  • Dan Wentzel

    It is utterly ridiculous to have a county of over ten million people governed by a Board of only five people.  We should have a County Executive and County Legislature as large counties do in New York State.  There are nations of over 10,000,000 people with parliaments of over 100 members.

  • Anonymous
  • Put a $50 parking tax on days of games.

    I think youll find 81% quickly turns into 10%.

  • Don’t believe the hype

    I am not sure whatt is more nauseating – that Damien is posting a second article that is poorly written about the non-story of 2 douchbags who thought they could barge into a closed meeting or the fact that people keep dog piling on Michelle Mowery. We get it she is terrible, but the story is silly. Like our good friends at Amsterdamized said “it is a storm in a tea cup”

    Note to editor: Stop taking story ideas from Box and his lackey Alex Thompson, it makes you look like the mouth peace for the fringe.

  • minibikebar

    Some bicyclist advocates are FOX NEWS, if you say the lies over and over the again, people actually believe they are true…which they are not. 
    By not work with all city departments and the council offices the new bike plan will ultimately doom LA to be a substandard city for bicyclists. 
    But maybe that’s want you want because what else do you have to whine and complain about.  Like the, lunatic fringe, you might win for now but in the long run…bicyclists are not idiots and will see this is just as a power game, way to line your pocket with money and CAREER path.
    I’m so tired of some bicyclist’s attitude of: Don’t test, don’t second guess.
    I will not be a hood winked bicyclist, that you want open debut and common sense to solve the problems in city.  What you really want is for me to have a shut up and keep out so you can tell me what to think and do.  NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
    My hope is bicyclists have the courage, wisdom, and foresight to provide for the needs of ALL bicyclists, and to fulfill our obligations in the community of Los Angeles.
    The grace to push the bicyclist agenda forward into a new century. Bicyclists must rely on strength and to accept their responsibilities to push forward and make wise decisions for the well-being of our city and society.
    Cease the hatred, anger and take away the arrogance that infect our goals and start working with the all city departments, council members and businesses.
    Bicyclists need to break down the walls that separate us from the city; unite us in bonds of purpose and work through our struggle to accomplish a great city to ride your bike for all users.  Or the car culture will crash all (advocates, city workers, and councilmember’s who are working and fighting for a better City of Los Angeles.  Divide and conquer that’s what the car junkies and some bicyclists want which will ultimately doom bicycling facilities’ in Los Angele for their own personal ego’s.
     And let me think what has Caltrans done for bicyclists…..??? NOTHING

  • I wanna be a “mouth peace”!

  • Anonymous

    Caltrans (The State) and LA Metro (The County and the MPO in one) control certain purse-strings.     You want money from DeeCee?  You better play nice with them.

  • Anonymous

     Hey, if the story is true, and I’ve no reason to doubt it, the better for those of us outside the City of Los Angeles, but inside the County of Los Angeles and the State of California.  More grant money for us and even less for the big city (L.A.)

    And maybe Benson and Jusay can get a trip to The Netherlands instead, since apparently the Dutch Embassy flew-in their experts on their dime only to talk to the The City of Los Angeles and no one else.

    Guys, if you get to go, try to visit Denmark and Berlin, too, especially East Berlin, which had no bicycle facilities at all 20 years ago.