Eyes on the Street: Woodley Avenue Bike Lanes

These are either going to be great bike lanes, or some of the worst in history. Photo: Joe Dunavan

Alert reader Joe Dunavan alerts that new bike lanes have appeared on Woodley Avenue heading south.  The pictured section is just south of the Van Nuys Flyaway.  These lanes-in-waiting will run for a half mile from Saticoy Street to Sherman Way, roughly a half mile.  They connect to existing bike lanes to the north on Woodley Avenue.

At first glance, these are some scary bike lanes.  They aren’t properly marked, and the signage clearly allows curbside parking.  Larger vehicles will make passing these parked cars nigh impossible without merging with the rest of traffic…and that’s to say nothing of the door zone.  LADOT staff explain that the reason for the partially completed lanes and parking issue is for the most obvious reason: the lanes aren’t completed yet.  Work orders to add no-parking signs and complete the lanes pre-existed this article and should be installed within the next week.

I guess this isn’t one of the areas that requires “additional study” before removing the car parking.

We’ll check back to see the completed lanes next week, but in the meantime there are more pictures of the existing lanes after the jump.  All pictures from Joe Dunavan.

  • El Farto

    Easy tiger. These will be okie dokie. But seriously when is the LADOT going to improve conditions in the core of the city?

  • erik alwill

    I commute this route 5 days a week. It’s sweet to see them there now. This is a rather industrial area with the Budwieser plant, UPS depot, airport, and big rig trailer lot. It’s not just cars or taxis that park in the bike lane but big rigs that force cyclists into the center of the car just to pass them. That said; it’s damn sweet to see a fresh clean road with clear bike lanes laid down. About 200% improvement of what was there a couple months ago.

  • Anonymous

    These appear to be parking lanes rather than bike lanes.

  • junction design ftw!

    The lane would look good without the car on it. And how to do the intersections:



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