Update: Ballona Creek Statues Down for Now, But Stay Tuned…

Image via the Ballona Creek Renaissance Newsletter

Back in February, we wrote about the battle to save hundreds of stone sculptures constructed by John Nielsen along the lower part of Ballona Creek in the Marina area. Yesterday, a reader asked what happened to the statues, so I wrote to Bobbi Gold of Ballona Creek Renaissance to see what happened. She writes:

Ballona Creek Renaissance began the process of applying for a permit for Mr. Nielsen to continue his work…. Nielson was awarded a grant to perform a similar activity in Scandinavia and left in May for an undetermined amount of time. During his absence, his sculptures have either fallen down from natural causes or been knocked down by people. I was there by the lower part of the channel today, and I saw a few attempts to balance rocks by other people who clearly don’t have Mr. Neilsen’s skill. We hope he can return to L.A. soon.

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