Building a Better, Bike-able Los Angeles with Alexis Lantz

As part of Sustainable Saturdays, LACBC’s Planning & Policy Director Alexis Lantz will provide an overview of the new City of LA Bike Plan and what it means for Silver Lake. Learn more about bicycle infrastructure and how what’s good for biking is good for the environment and our local economy. More info + Facebook event.


The Southern California Planning Congress Dinner featuring Alexis Lantz and Jordann Turner.

Speakers: Alexis Lantz (UCLA) & Jordann Turner (City of Los Angeles-City Planning Department) This event will highlight the research conducted by Miss Lantz on cyclists in Los  Angeles, examining their experience, motivation and preferences, and possible  policy implications. Mr. Turner will then lead a discussion about the City of Los  Angeles’ Bike Plan. Meal Choices: […]

Enivornment Now Speaker Series: William Roschen and Alexis Lantz

Speaker Series June 8, 2011 5:30pm-7:30pm William Roschen, President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission & Alexis Lantz, Planning and Policy Director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition Join us in conversation with Commissioner Roschen and Alexis Lantz discussing the  Los Angeles City Bicycle Masterplan, approved in March by the City Council. The […]

Los Angeles Bike Movement History

An archive for exploring how social life can lead to culture change Building a Bike Movement in Autopia Friday, April 12, 2013 L.A. Eco-Village 7-9 pm Join Colin Bogart, Kelly Martin, Ben Guzman, Alexis Lantz, Ron Milam, Adonia Lugo, Aurisha Smolarski-Waters, Roadblock, Jimmy Lizama, Allison Mannos, Tafarai Bayne, and others as we create an experimental […]

StreetProfile : Alexis Lantz

This is our second in our new e-interview series.  The first was with Melissa Hebert of LAX Car Share.  If there’s an advocate or personality that you think we should interview, please drop me a line at Alexis Lantz was recently named the “Planning and Policy Director” of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition […]