Bicyclists/LAPD Issues Bike Theft Alert

Some Do's and Dont's from the LAPD.  Read the whole flyer, ## ##here.##
Some Do's and Dont's from the LAPD. Read the whole flyer, ## ##here.##

The LAPD/Cyclists Task Force has released a “Bike Theft Alert” to encourage and educate cyclists on the many ways to best secure your bicycle.  There are a few nitpicks I have with the two page flyer,  I think Streetfilms’ bike locking expert would have kittens at the thought of someone locking their bike with just a U-Lock, but as cycling becomes more and more common we’re going to continue to see bike theft become a larger and larger problem.  It’s good to see the LAPD taking an active interest in preventing bike thefts instead of just dealing with the issue after the fact.  And it’s double good to see them working with the community to put out the best flyer that’s possible.

“I’m pleased to see the LAPD take bicycle theft seriously by taking action  to educate our communities on it’s specific prevention and safety.”  writes Jeremy Grant a cyclist on the committee.  “Over the past year the Cyclist/LAPD Task Force has reached a mutual understanding, fostered a shared respect, and improved many facets of police operations.  This alert is just a glimpse of what’s to come as we empower the bicycling citizen’s voice in our fair City.”

Meanwhile, the LAPD is sending signals that they see bike theft as a larger issue, and that they understand how traumatic one losing their bicycle can be for their lifestyle.

“Bike theft is an ongoing problem that is so much more than simple property theft.  When a bike is stolen, the ability of a person to move freely is stolen as well.  Many rely on their bicycle as the sole means of transportation to get to school or work, to meet with family and friends, and fully participate in their community.”  Writes LAPD Seargent David Krumer.  The reality is that when a bicycle is stolen, the likelyhood of recovery is significantly lower than a motor vehicle, and as such it is all the more important to prevent the theft in the first place. For additional tips on securing your bicycle please visit and check out the Cycling Safety Awareness section in the lower right hand area of the website.”

My guess is that most Streetsblog readers will find the advice pretty basic, at least until one reaches the end of the document where the “D.I.Y.” section is.  I suspect this is the part where the cyclists really added to the flyer.  Just a guess, but I’m guessing that Sargent Krumer didn’t write “hot glue ball bearings into tightly adjusted allen bolts.”  Just a guess.

Feel free to pass along the flier to anyone you know who can use the advice.  And if you have any advice of your own to add, please leave it in the comments section and we’ll make sure to pass the information on to the LAPD, if they don’t just see it here themselves.


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