Today’s Headlines

Cartoon, Ted Rall for the ## Angeles Times##
Cartoon, Ted Rall for the ## Angeles Times##
  • An Amazingly Detailed Explanation of Why Expo Is Running Late and Over Cost (LA Weekly)
  • Beverly Hills Might Sue Itself Over Parking Restrictions (Parking Blog)
  • Husband of Beaten Crossing Guard, “She Was Just Doing Her Job” (LAT)
  • Metro to FTA: What If We Only Do Part of the Wilshire BRT? (The Source)
  • Yglesias: Football Stadiums Belong on the Periphery (Think Progress)
  • Meanwhile Magic Johnson Joins Team AEG (Daily News)
  • Over Thirty Percent of SF Households Carfree (SF Streetsblog)
  • Brown Might Discover Its Not Easy Being Green (LAT)
  • Almost One-Quarter of Ca. Drivers Killed in Crashes Last Year Had Drugs in Their System (Calwatch)
  • Kenneth Deffeyes’ New Book, “When Oil Peaked,” Reviewed by LA Times
  • Screw It, Let’s Just Outlaw Walking Altogether (Wil Wright)

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