Riding Bikes with the Dutch Movie Screening

After two nearly sold out screenings this summer, Riding Bikes with the Dutch is back at the Art Theatre in Long Beach!
By doing a home exchange with another family in Amsterdam, Michael his wife and young son are able to document the bicycle-centered lifestyle of the Dutch through the eyes of residents actually living in the city. When Bauch returns home to Long Beach with his family he begins to see the amazing transformation of his own city – has the biking lifestyle followed them home? Is Long Beach the next Amsterdam? Come along for the ride!

Learn more at everydaybike.com
Tickets at http://www.readyticket.net/webticket/htmlshowtimes/72268/ShowTimes40496.html


Streetsblog Interview with Long Beach Film Maker Michael Bauch

Michael Wolfgang Bauch is a Long Beach based filmmaker, videographer, kayaker, and avid cyclist. He recently talked with Streetsblog over the phone about his latest full-length documentary, Riding Bikes With The Dutch. The film premieres this Sunday, May 9 at the Art Theatre in Long Beach at 5 PM, as part of the Long Beach […]

Bicycling is for Everyone: The Connections Between Cycling in Developing Countries and Low-Income Cyclists of Color in the U.S.

A Missing Story As urban transportation bicycling becomes more popular, planners and advocates often use “bike friendly cities” like Portland, Amsterdam and Copenhagen as examples for facilities as well as political strategies and tactics.  Although these are wonderful cities with dazzling bike networks and impressive ridership numbers, a narrative is emerging that bicycle advocacy needs […]