Today’s Headlines – Election Wrap

LACBC: Support the Bike Plan Tomorrow.  Plan Got Better Since Last Week

Scoping the 4th Street Bike Boulevard (LADOT Bike Blog)

Beverly Hills Has a History of Stopping Infrastructure (LAT)

And Now They’re Lawyered Up to Fight the Subway (UPI)

Libertarian (Except for Highway Expansion) Reason Foundation Slams Subway Funding

NIMBY’s Fighting ROW for Green Line Expansion (Redondo Beach Patch)

Counting Committee Votes, 8 Council Members Have Voted for Anti-Harassment Ordinance (Biking in L.A.)

At Least One L.B. Cyclist Thinks Critical Mass Had it Coming (Press-Telegram)

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Election Wrap

Brown Wins, Boxer Wins (LAT)

Newsom Wins (SF Chronicle)

Prop 19 Goes Up in Smoke (LA_Now)

Prop 22 Passes (News 10)

Prop 23 Goes Down (Time, Pacific Swell)

In Colorado, Bike Hating Republican Fails to Win Governorship (WaPo)

Shocker: Oberstar Beaten (Politico)