Human Transit’s Jarrett Walker Appearing in L.A. This Thursday

Walker via ## Alliance##
Walker via ## Alliance##

(editor’s note: We got the following invite in our Inbox last night, and while we don’t usually post events that come in after our “Week in Livable Streets Events” post, an appearance from our friend, Australia’s Jarrett Walker of Human Transit, seems to be a good time for an exception.  The invite was written by Darrell Clarke.)

Jarrett Walker will be our special guest at this Thursday’s Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Transportation Committee. He is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy and author of the blog Human Transit. To set the tone, he posted yesterday:

“But now the smog has largely cleared, the transit projects are coming on fast, the city remains a site of intense creativity, and the multi-centered urban structure really does offer the potential to create a Paris of the Pacific. I still think, as I wrote here, that Los Angeles is the next great transit metropolis of North America.  I also think it has a key role to play in making sustainable transport cool, especially in the eyes of television and film audiences around the world.”

Please arrive at 7:00 p.m. so we can start promptly, 3435 Wilshire Boulevard (the tall Equitable building across from the late Ambassador Hotel). Park free on the street (6th Street beginning at 7:00 works well), or validate under the building off Mariposa, or ride the Wilshire Purple Line subway or Metro Rapid bus #720 to Wilshire / Normandie).

We’ll be in the meeting room on the Lower Plaza (LP) level (on the parking entrance level, pass the elevators toward Wilshire, then turn left and go to the end of the hall).


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