The Week in Livable Streets Events

Tuesday – Our friends at the Urban Land Institute are back with their second “Future Build” conference looking at green architecture and development trends in Southern California.  The speakers lineup features Founder of G24 Innovations Robert M. Hertzberg and L.A. City Deputy Mayor for the Environment Romel Pascual.  For more information on the conference, click here.

Tuesday – I have so many good memories of the film “Contested Streets,” which tells the story of transportation planning in New York City right up until the Janette Sadik-Khan revolution.  I remember seeing it in New York.  I led discussions of it for NJDOT and C.I.C.L.E.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.  And lucky you…it’s showing this Tuesday at the St. Anne’s Conference Center, 155 North Occidental Boulevard, in the afternoon.  Earlier in the day, L.A. County Public Health is hosting a workshop on all of the interesting projects being supported with RENEW Grants.  Check it out, and get more details here.

Tuesday – The High Speed Rail Commission is holding a series of hearings in the San Gabriel Valley about the routing of the line through the SGV and Inland Empire.  If you live in the area, read more about it here.

Wednesday/Thursday – There’s a lot of big items on the Metro Board Agenda next week.  Of particular interest to Streetsblog readers will be the “Locally Preferred Alternative” selection for the Westside Subway and Regional Connector and a series of bike-friendly changes.  You can get a preview of the Board discussions at committee meetings.  The Planning and Programming Committee will talk LPA’s on Wednesday.  Bike stuff will be discussed Thursday at the Operations Committee.

Friday/Saturday – “The Impact Project,” a coalition working around clean freight and environmental justice issues, will be hosting a conference of its own entitled “Moving Forward Together.”  Stick around until Saturday afternoon, and you’ll even get a Streetsblog cameo appearance.  Get the registration information, here.

Saturday – One of the most-awaited bike events of the year is the annual Tour De Fat, sponsored by our good friends at New Belgium Brewing, with proceeds going to CICLE and the LACBC.  You can read all about the Tour here.  Even though I’ll be in Carson talking about social media, part of my heart will be riding with the Tour.

Saturday – It’s a Streetsblog fundraiser.  Read all about it.


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