Ride with Streetsblog to MidDay Ridazz!

Please note this is for the 2010 CicLAvia. For information on riding to the 04/10/2011 CicLAvia event please go to http://www.bikerowave.org.

For more information on MidDay Ridazz, ##http://ciclavia.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/announcing-midday-ridazz/##click here.##
For more information on MidDay Ridazz, ##http://ciclavia.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/announcing-midday-ridazz/##click here.##

One of the highlights of this Sunday’s CicLAvia is the “MidDay Ridazz” family ride starting at the Bicycle Kitchen in East Hollywood and Hollenbeck Park on the Eastside.  What better way for Westsiders to head to the East Hollywood starting point for a MidDay family ride than to join my mother and I for the ride?

We’ll be meeting at 8:00 in front of the Bikerowave, at 12255 Venice Boulevard, before heading east at 8:30.  Sadly, Sammy won’t be joining me, he’s going to our Church’s 60th Anniversary Party.  But you will get to hang out with me and my mom all the way from co-op to co-op!

The MidDay Ridazz ride ends in MacArthur Park at 11:30ish.  Because CicLAvia won’t be over, I won’t be heading back quite then, but anyone that wants to hang out a little longer with Streetsblog is welcome to do so and we can ride back West together.

If you don’t live on the Westside, but are looking for a group ride to CicLAvia; there’s another one planned from the San Gabriel Valley by Bike SGV.  We’ll update you on any other rides to CicLAvia as we hear about them

  • Ross

    Awesome–I’ll let all my westsidazz peeps know about the Bikerowave start. Thanks for the info.

  • I’m trying to interest some other riders out here in the Antelope Valley in CicLAvia. I found out that Metrolink will have two trains down to LA in the morning on Sunday and two trains home in the afternoon/evening. That would take us to Union Station and from there we would need to get to Hollenbeck Park, I guess, since that’s closest to Union Station.

  • Ross Hirsch

    Hi Michele–

    Union Station isn’t too far at all from Hollenbeck Park (esp. by bike), but if you’ve got kids or other folks that want to save up their riding for the CicLAvia route, there is another Gold Line stop at Soto Street that is only like 4-5 blocks from the park. The CicLAvia maps don’t show this stop, but I checked it out on Metro’s website.

  • Ross is right, Gold Line Soto Station is the closest to Hollenbeck – about 5-6 quiet blocks from the route. Depending on timing, another option would be to go to Union Station, then go south on Alameda, right on first, then ride on the CicLAvia route toward Hollenbeck – and meet midday ridazz head on.

    For suggestions/directions on getting to CicLAvia, go here: http://ciclavia.wordpress.com/about/getting-to-ciclavia/

  • Thanks, Ross and Joe!

    It looks like the first Metrolink train gets to Union Station at 8:35 am and the ride from Hollenbeck leaves at 8:00 am, so we’d be a half hour behind. Hmmm. . . Gonna have to think about this some more.

  • Ross Hirsch

    I think you’re good. Actually, your timing will be perfect. The road closures don’t officially start until 10 (Joe can confirm that), and there will be riders and rides going on all over the route all day. So arriving to Union Station at 8:35 then heading over to Hollenbeck should give you plenty of time. Remember, it’s not a ride or a race. It’s more of a “do-what-you-please-as-you-please-to-do-it opening of public spaces from 10-3.”

    For example, the family/kids ride I’m working on doesn’t leave Hollenbeck Park until 10:30-11-ish. (It also will be leaving the other end of the CicLAvia route around the same time–with a meet-up get-together in the middle).

  • So Michelle, you’ll be looking for me at MacArthur Park? I’ll be the guy wearing the STREETSBLOG t-shirt…

  • Sounds like you, Michele, are trying to get to the feeder ride at 8:30am. I’d suggest getting to Union Station at 8:35, then eat some pancakes at Philippe’s, then head over to the CicLAvia route at around 9:30am… and ride eastward – you might catch the 10:30am start of Midday Ridazz – or you might join up with them on the way.

    Regarding route closure times – city crews start closing soon after 9am, and expect the route to be car-free by ~9:45am. See the schedule at CicLAvia FAQ page here: http://ciclavia.wordpress.com/frequently-asked-questions/

  • So Damien,

    I just want to make sure. We meet up for an 8:30 departure at Bikerowave and head to Bike Kitchen first?

  • You got it. Leave the Bikerowave at 8:30 to head to the Kitchen. Nice tour of the co-ops :)

  • Mark DiDia


    Just to add to everyone’s comments, you actually have two options from Union Station.

    1) The Gold Line (south) to Mariachi Plaza station –> Hollenbeck park

    2) The Redline to Vermont & Santa Monica Station. This station is literally around the corner from the beginning of the west side route. So if you’re interested in less navigating on the streets from the train station, then I suggest the red line.

    Go ahead and join our Midday Ridazz group page is you want to communicate with others that have joined so far.


    I dont know the easier url.



  • Hiroshi Omori

    That was a fun ride to CicLAvia. Had a great time there and even met up with some of the riders on the way back to Mar Vista.


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