Today’s Headlines

Fail.  Photo via Erik Griswold
Is that sign in the bike lane? Photo via Steve Kellener
  • WeHo Lobbying for Subway to Run Under Town (Curbed)
  • LA Weekly Trashes Metro Board Pols for Bus Service Cuts
  • Want to Be More Fit?  Move to a Walkable Neighborhood (LAT)
  • Let’s Compare the Public Process for the I-405 Widening and Expo Line (City Watch)
  • China/L.A. Traffic Collaborative Drawing National Attention (AP)
  • Media Critique: Westside Subway Will Do Little To Stop Procreation (Neon Tommy)
  • Nation’s HSR Network Could Depend on Governor’s Race (Infrastructurist)
  • You’re More Likely to Drive Poorly If You Live in a Red State (Daily Beast)
  • Congestion Pricing Foe Charles Barron Catches Congestion Pricing Fever (Transpo Nation)
  • How Hot Is It?  It Slowed Down the Trains (The Source)

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