Today’s Headlines

Fail.  Photo via Erik Griswold
Is that sign in the bike lane? Photo via Steve Kellener
  • WeHo Lobbying for Subway to Run Under Town (Curbed)
  • LA Weekly Trashes Metro Board Pols for Bus Service Cuts
  • Want to Be More Fit?  Move to a Walkable Neighborhood (LAT)
  • Let’s Compare the Public Process for the I-405 Widening and Expo Line (City Watch)
  • China/L.A. Traffic Collaborative Drawing National Attention (AP)
  • Media Critique: Westside Subway Will Do Little To Stop Procreation (Neon Tommy)
  • Nation’s HSR Network Could Depend on Governor’s Race (Infrastructurist)
  • You’re More Likely to Drive Poorly If You Live in a Red State (Daily Beast)
  • Congestion Pricing Foe Charles Barron Catches Congestion Pricing Fever (Transpo Nation)
  • How Hot Is It?  It Slowed Down the Trains (The Source)

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  • Ross Hirsch

    That picture has gotta be photoshopped–it’s just too perfect.

    But if it’s not, it’s a depressing comment on how bike infrastructure is still ignored by other road users–whether it be trash cans in bike lanes or vehicles (cars, motorcycles, buses) using them as an extra lane of travel when traffic is just to darn heavy. I’m seeing this more and more on the Sunset Bl. bike lanes on which I travel daily.

    Whatever department put that sign there is just asking for a lawsuit from downed cyclists who have been forced in to the likely gravel-and road debris-strewn buffer just as they pick up some speed from that decent. Personal injury attorneys should be tucking their cards into every nook and cranny of that sign. Just sayin.

  • Marcotico

    No that is not photoshopped, that is the OC way of doing things. I once saw a fold up sign in the bike lane that said the same thing. It was to alert drivers that the bike lane was going to end in 100 ft. So i moved it over so that it stuck 2 ft into the vehicle lane. When i went back 4 hours later, the sign had been knocked over.

  • Erik G.

    I would hope that after taking the picture, the photographer at least called parking enforcement so that a ticket could be issued.

    Calling the local PD via their local 7-digit phone number is always a good way to get the ball rolling too. As all of the calls are recorded, it puts the report automatically into a log that can be retrieved/subpoenaed in the future.