The Rest of the Week in Livable Streets Events


I noticed how packed this week was with good events, so I thought we could kick it old school with a "Week in Livable Streets" 

Tuesday – At 6:45 the Transit Coalition is holding their monthly meeting with Dennis Allan, the executive director of L.A. Streetcar.  Get the rest of the details at The Transit Coalition’s website.

Tuesday – Bike Talk is live on terrestrial radio at 11:00 P.M. on 90.7 KPFK.  Call in at (818) 985-5735.

Tuesday and Friday – Trying to turn a miscarriage of justice into something positive, Bikeside is organizing a pair of protests in front of the Beverly Hills Courthouse where last week a judge handed down a pat on the wrist to Celine Mahdavi, an admitted hit and run driver who maimed cyclist Louis Deliz last December.  These protests are more than just a chance to rage at the machine, Bikeside is announcing the Life before
License, an effort to change the state law when it comes to hit and run crashes.  Bikeside’s full media release can be found after the jump.

Wednesday – The Bike Coalition is looking for some help at 3:30 in Koreatown with a study of the 4th Street Sharrows.  Basically, they want you to take a ride down 4th Street.  Doesn’t sound that hard, but for the rest of the details drop an email to

Wednesday – The Metro Bicycle Roundtable’s Operations Committee meets to discuss signage and Gold Line operations at 4:30 in Metro Headquarters in the Downtown.

Friday – At 7:00 P.M. it’s Critical Mass, starting at Wilshire/Western on top of the Subway Station.  After last month’s Kumbaya moment, how will the LAPD and the Massers make out on their second date?

For immediate release.  Please share
widely.  For information & interviews contact

On Tuesday, July 27th, and Friday, July 30th, cyclists will gather at
the Beverly Hills Courthouse to protest the tepid sentence handed down
by Judge Elden S. Fox for Celine Mahdavi.  Mahdavi hit cyclist Louis
Deliz and left him to die in the street on December 1st, 2009; Deliz was
hospitalized for 49 days.

Mahdavi pleaded “no contest” to felony hit and run charges and threw
herself on the mercy of the court, instead of accepting the plea deal
offered by the DA.  Judge Fox
gave her 90 days of community service, and 3 years of probation

Mahdavi will spend less time in community service – 720 hours – than
Deliz spent in the hospital – 1176 hours.

Cyclists are calling it the last straw.  Bikeside LA President Alex
Thompson said “this sentence is symbolic of the lack of respect cyclists
get throughout the justice system.”

Many expressed frustration that Fox made no effort to restrict
Mahdavi’s driving privileges, leaving decisions about the status of
Mahdavi’s license at the discretion of the DMV.

At both events Bikeside LA will announce a new campaign:  Life before
License.  Life before License will specifically address hit and run,
seeking state level legislation to change how hit and run is treated by

The Friday protest may be joined by the hundreds of cyclists
participating in LA Critical Mass – the ride which recently drew
headlines when it clashed with LAPD.  LAPD and riders made peace in June
when LAPD facillitated with a large police escort.

Event details:

Tuesday, July 27th, 6:15 pm
Beverly Hills Courthouse
9355 Burton Way
Blood In Press Conference
interviews to follow press conference
open mic available to attendees after press conference

Friday, July 30th, 8:15 pm
Beverly Hills Courthouse
9355 Burton Way
Press Conference
interviews to follow press conference
open mic available to attendees after press conference


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