Today’s Headlines

6 25 10 arroyo_1.jpgIt’s just a name change…
  • AEG Wants Exemption from Environmental Studies for Downtown Stadium (Curbed)
  • Will Expo Really Be Running by Next Summer? (Neon Tommy)
  • Review of the Metro Board Meeting…Nobody Arrested (The Source)
  • Businesses Oppose Closing Metrolink Crossing on City, Glendale Border (LA_Now)
  • Goodbye "Pasadena Freeway" Hello "Arroyo Seco Parkway" (LAT)
  • Mother Jones: "Memo to Urban Environmentalists: Don’t Fight Development, Embrace It"
  • Even Mike Bloomberg Loves Car Parking (NYC Streetsblog)
  • No Argument: Bad Signage Leads to Confusion for Metered Parking Areas (City Watch)
  • More on Expo/CPUC Decisions (Curbed)
  • Sheriff’s Drinking Going to Be a Problem (LAT)
  • When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Cave on Boycott of Arizona (City Watch)