Tick-Tock. Streetsblog’s NELA Fundraiser Rolls Tonight

fund_fp2.jpgThanks, guys.

As I type these words, the ride cards, brownies, bottled water, stickers, Clif Bars and Luna Bars are all packed and ready for transport to the Flying Pigeon (3714 N. Figueroa Street) for tonight’s fundraiser for L.A. Streetsblog sponsored by none other tha the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop, with an assist from the Eastside Bike Club, Clif and Luna Bars and Trader Joes.  We’re going to leave Flying Pigeon at 7:00 for a slow-paced ten-mile ride following the old yellow cars line.  Afterward, we’re going to party.  That will be cool.

The cost is $10 for the ride $10 for the after-party or $15 for both.  In addition to the ride and party, we’ll also be honoring some of our 2009 Streetsie winners: Enci Box, Stephen Box and Browne Molyneux.  If nothing else, you should come out just to hang out with them.  If you need more info on the fundraiser, despite my shameless self-promotion over the past week, read last week’s article on the ride and party, here.

Before we go, a quick thank you to our sponsors:


Of course, a huge thank you to the Bray-Ali brothers and the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop.  For a plug, I ride Sammy around the Westside in a bike just like the "bakfiet" bike in the above picture, and he loves it.


The Eastside Bike Club, who also co-sponsored the Eastside Safety Ride, volunteered to help spread the word.  Their help is, as always, much appreciated.  You can sign up to get on their email list at the official website.


Trader Joe’s is trying to set the record for most Streetsblog events sponsored.  This time they donated 144 bottles of water.



As you would expect, Clif and Luna Bar donated, well, Clif and Luna bars.  Every rider gets some.


Save the Date: Streetsblog’s NELA Fundraiser is June 18

Photo: Ubrayj02/Flickr Following the good times and good vibes of our fundraiser at the Eco-Village, Streetsblog will be rolling into Northeast Los Angeles for our second ever fundraiser sponsored by the Flying Pigeon L.A. and the Eastside Bike Club.  The details are still being worked out, but I can tell you that we’re going to […]