Today’s Headlines

6_15_10_elmo.jpgImage from today’s Sesame Street

  • Who Will Pay for the Gulf Disaster? Not Consumers of Gasoline (WaPo)
  • Two Decades After Valdez, Feds and Drillers Completely Unprepared for Next Big Spill (NYT)
  • Coastal Commission Rejects Venice RV Restrictions (LAT)
  • Hollywood and Vine Needs a Bike Station (Soap Box)
  • Goldberg: Deep Horizon Oil Disaster Not That Big a Deal (LAT)
  • Birdman’s Hit and Run Trial Delayed Again (Bikeside)
  • Etiquette for the Brit Transit Rider (BBC)
  • Also from Across the Pond, What is SMIDSY (Biking in L.A.)
  • Maybe Its Time to Take Charlie Sheen’s Car Away…for Everyone’s Sake (LAT)
  • When a CHP Officer is Killed in a Traffic Crash, It’s Taken a Lot More Seriously (Daily News)