Today’s Headlines

  • House Transpo Chair Goes for Bike Ride with Dutch Prince, Washington Wizards…Where’s Boxer? (Star Tribune)
  • Gulf Catastrophe Weighs on Gas Guzzling Americans Like a Feather (NPR)
  • Council Approves DASH/Commuter Express Hikes (LAT)
  • Is 30/10 Really Going to Happen? (The Source)
  • Trader Joe’s Hollywood Store Sets Bike Parking Standard (Soap Box)
  • BioTech Firm Moves to Santa Monica to Fight Cancer.  How About Fighting it with Clean Transpo Plan? (SM Spokes)
  • Times Reviews the Controversy Over Dorsey High and the Expo Line
  • LAPD Hollywood’s Newest Crackdown: Cartoon Impersonators (Daily News)
  • River Ride Review (Biking In L.A.)
  • Everyone’s an Expert on Mass Transit (City Watch)
  • Westsiders and South Bay Residents: Here’s Some Coverage of the Winograd/Harman Primary (Streetsblog)
  • Don’t forget to vote today! Low turnout means your voice counts more :)

  • Dan Weikel is now handling tbe Metro beat for the Times and still learning the ropes. I’d give his Expo article a B-. It has the stats and general details but not enough perception to provide the broader picture and a willingness to peer closer at appearances.

    The eyewitness who posted on Curbed L.A. made it sound like the antis made lots of noise but little sense

    This pretty well is playing out as I long foresaw. And the day after the line opens all this nonsense will be forgotten. Plus the plans of the Cheviot Hill antis have taken a big hit and likely their delaying tactics will sputter much sooner than what Phase 1 went through. Plus the Crenshaw project will be a less inviting environemt for Goodmon’s brand of rabblerousing. The great powers that be won’t let him hog the stage the way he has on Expo. Mr. Goodmon’s ambitions are vanishing quickly in the rearview mirror. He went all in and went BUST.

  • I’ve been doing the pics at the top of T.H. for a couple of weeks. What do people think? Is it worth the little bit of extra effort to do?

  • I like the pics. I think it’s worth the effort! I suggest that we readers can help you out by pointing you to applicable pics that we’ve posted elsewhere. (for example: you’re welcome to post this pic of the wonderful LB green lanes: )

    Commenting on today’s photo: while it’s good that the “Leave the car at home” sign (apparently the city of Santa Monica) supports alternative transportation… it kind of bugs me when messaging assumes that I have a car. Hundreds of thousands of Angelenos don’t have a car. Please don’t assume we do.

  • Marcotico

    I like ’em. Sometimes it can be a little confusing, if you think the pic comes directly from one of the articles. But more pics the better.