KROQ Steps Up for Wounded Hit and Run Victim

6_3_10_vitello.jpgIt may have a smart crosswalk now, but Google maps shows us the intersection that was.

Too often, we focus on the issues that create a crash, and what can be done to prevent them in the future.  However, once a crash has occurred, there are real victims.  Once a crosswalk is installed and there are shiny new lights; there are still maimed victims trying to move on with their lives.  Sometimes they are back on their feet in what seems no time at all.  Other times, it is more of a struggle.

Take Anabelle Ward.  Ward, her daughter, and her dog were sent flying by a hit and run driver crossing the street in studio city in August of 2008.  Ward and her daughter both suffered broken bones.  The dog was killed.

A couple of months later, a press conference was held.  The intersection where she was struck was improved.  Everyone posed for pictures.  Life went on.

But not for Ward.  Nearly two years later, she is without a job, has been evicted a couple of times, still can’t walk, and has lost her car.  Normally, her story would be pushed off the news and forgotten, but this time the story caught the attention of KROQ personality Ralph Garman who witnessed the crash.  After the jump, read about how we can help him, help her.  But first, his description of the crash:

As my wife and I were eating on the outside patio of
Vittello’s restaurant in my neighborhood of Studio City, I casually
watched as a mother and her young daughter crossed Tujunga Blvd.,
walking their two dogs. Out of nowhere, a speeding car came barreling
down the street, and struck them all with a horrifying impact. They
were thrown into the air like rag dolls, bouncing off of the car’s
hood, and the piece of garbage that mowed them down sped off, without
even slowing. Some of us who had seen the accident tried to catch the
driver, while others attempted to comfort Annabelle and her daughter
until paramedics arrived. They both suffered devastating injuries
including shattered legs and pelvises, and one of their dogs was killed

In addition to a series of charity auctions, which you can read about here, Garman has also released her private contact and paypal information for anyone who wants to donate.  You can read all of those details at the end of this column.  Let’s do what we can to help her out, so this story doesn’t end with a new crosswalk and an irrevocably shattered life.


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