Today’s Headlines

5_19_10_metro.jpgMetro’s newest bike map.
  • Tucson Velo Rides in L.A.  Gives the City of Angels a Mixed Review
  • Waxman Wants Subway Enviro. Studies Done Quickly (The Source)
  • Oil Spill Closes 19% of Gulf Fisheries (Daily News)
  • LACBC: Sharrows Coming Next Month, and We Need Help
  • Villaraigosa in D.C. Pushing 30/10 (KPCC)
  • Write Bike-Ku.  If Not for the Prizes, then for the Karma (Sierra Club via Green L.A. Girl)
  • Sanatee Debate Team Publishes Pamphlet on Bicyclng Backbone Network (Illuminate LA)
  • Bike Infrastructure Plans Moving Forward in Glendale (News-Press)
  • Whoops!  Driver Accidently Kills Man with Walker Crossing the Street.  Claims He Couldn’t See Him (CC Times)
  • Sci-Fi Site Glows About Narrow Streets Los Angeles (io9)