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  • David Lazarus had another uninformed transportation column today. He couldn’t do any basic research about fares etc. beyond hasseling some poor Metro p.r. flack? This guy is lazy and a waste of space, consistently. Just another sign of the Times is now in its dotage…,0,25409,full.column

  • Robert Chang

    Dana, what an asinine comment. The point is that if David Lazarus can’t figure it out, how is Chris Cardriver going to figure out how to ride transit? Your attitude is what engenders folks to support public transit cuts. Sure, you could have an article about how the Formula Allocation Procedure artificially depresses cash fares and increases the price of passes, how transfers are discouraged because of the convoluted method that funding is distributed, and how municipal operators fight off attempts at fare unification because they want to protect their own little pots. But that is IRRELEVANT to the average taxpayer. Lazarus has a good point here.

  • Spokker

    People supposedly do research on what kind of car to buy, but they can’t research fare structures or bus routes?

  • Spokker

    “Look at the alternative: Sotero said the MTA alone faces a $181-million deficit because of a reduction in state funding. Its response is to cut jobs and possibly service.

    “It’s a very dire situation,” Sotero said.

    It doesn’t have to be. The trick is getting more people to use the regional public-transit network, and to do so on a regular basis.”

    Actually, under a system where transit fares are subsidized to the tune of 70%, the trick is getting less people to ride transit to reduce budget woes (cut routes, headways). When you lose money on every single rider the last thing you want to do is encourage more riders to hop on already crowded buses and trains, stressing the system even more.

    His ideas sound good if we charged passengers more or allocated more tax revenue to transit operations if we as a society valued good public transportation. We seem to have decided as a society that capital subsidies are good, but not yet operations, but whatever.

    Having said that, I think the title of the story is wrong. Metro isn’t the one not making a token effort, but the blame rests on the state and the country. I think LA County has done its part in supporting Measure R, signaling that transit is important. I don’t know how you convince the state and the country that transit is important, but I believe that is the next step.

  • So, Mr. Chang, because David Lazarus is a simpleton and lazy he is to be applauded while I get kicked in the teeth for pointing out same? What is the point of being a columnist if all you do is whine? Plus I think Chris Cardriver is a lot brighter than dimwit Lazarus who seemingly can’t find his ass even when you put his hand on his rear. Yes, many of the issues of routes and fares he complains of shouldn’t be so hard to figure out but he can’t be bothered to find out what is the reason for all this or make some useful contribution toward making things better. Lousy journalism and actually it results in uninteresting reading.

    Please don’t put words in my mouth — I never said I though some jargon drenched explication of transit and governance issues is what was needed. But having a knee jerk shit fit demanding a day EZ-pass etc. as if that alone does anything to address the situation just makes my mind reel.

    Instead of hasseling the poor Metro p.r. flack why didn’t Lazarus pick up the phone and call a few Metro Board members about the concerns he complained about? Oh, that would mean having your shit together and it is obvious Lazarus doesn’t. He’ll instead now do no follow-up and ramble on to the next disjointed column about god knows what. I am sorry but he really blows chunks as a columnist.

    Having all those coulmn inches at his disposal should entail some sort of responsibility. That I want to hold Mr. Lazarus accountable for falling short on that score shouldn’t make me the bad guy and him the hero.