Today’s Headlines

  • Epstein: Write to Congress in Support of 30/10 (HuffPo)
  • It’s Official: Jerry Brown to Hop in Governor’s Race (Times)
  • Transit Rider Destroys Times’ Write-Up of Bus Snob (RoRoRo Your Blog)
  • Bicycle Kitchen founder’s unsatisfactory LAPD encounter (L.A. Eco-Village)
  • Senator Defends Hands-Free Requirement for Cell Phones (Times)
  • Nowhere to park bikes at L.A. Live? (L.A. Eco-Village)
  • Campaign for a Bike-Friendly Northeast Los Angeles (C.I.C.L.E. and LACBC)
  • Vote for CicLAvia Funding at Refresh Everything (CicLAvia)
  • British Govt: More Car Ownership, Less Walking and Biking Big Factors Behind Rising Obesity (BBC)
  • Obama Ditches Motorcade for a Cardio-Healthy Walk (AP)

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  • Thanks for the shout out. :)

  • I found this very ironic:

    In the daily trojan, the article “LAPD to begin protecting bikers’ rights” starts off well

    “For this first time, the Los Angeles Police Department is pledging to take an active role in protecting bikers’ safety on the streets of Los Angeles.”

    but then, it’s right back to blaming cyclists:

    “Department of Public Safety Capt. David Carlisle said bicycle collisions often occur because students are not observing traffic laws. Carlisle said he has noticed that many students at USC tend to not yield to pedestrians as is the law.”

    On the plus side, they finally learned that they were enforcing a non-existent law, even if the backpedaling includes lieing about it:

    “According to Carlisle, bikers were previously cited at USC for riding bikes on sidewalks and crosswalks, but it is now permissible to ride bikes on both as long as it is done in a safe manner.”

    Found at:

  • @jass – big LOL at “it is now permissable…”