Bike Stations Open in Covina and Claremont

Not all of the bicycling news happened in Los Angeles City Hall on Wednesday.  The cities of Covina and Claremont both opened Bikestations.  Each city is now the proud owner of a two hundred fifty square foot facility adjacent to their Metrolink Stations, designed to make it easier for people to walk or bike either to the Metrolink trains or to just within their towns.

So what is a Bikestation?  Andrea White-Kjoss, the CEO of Mobis who designed and installed Covina and Claremont’s newest bike facilities explains at ABC:

"You have lockers to keep your clothes in. You have a drinking
fountain, vending machine with parts and toiletries and snacks," said
Andrea White-Kjoss, CEO of Mobis, a company that specializes in
alternative transportation.

All of that’s available in Claremont
while Covina’s bikestation is a bike module that keeps bikes safe 24/7.
Both are paid for by Caltrans grants.

Enthusiasm for the project is high with both politicians and riders.  Covina Mayor Walter Allen III, tells the Pasadena Star-News:

"What a dream.  You ride your bike down there.  You don’t have to worry about the elements, or worry about

it getting stolen."

Bikestations also exist in Berkeley, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Seattle and Washington, D.C. For more information on these facilities, visit StreetsWiki or view this Streetfilm.


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