Hummer Going the Way of the Dodo

The days are numbered for the military vehicle that carmakers turned
into the bane of pedestrians, cyclists and planet Earth. GM has
announced plans to wind down Hummer production
after a deal to sell the brand to a Chinese manufacturer fell apart.
According to the Times, the Chinese government wanted no part of Hummer
because it is "trying to put a new emphasis on limiting China’s
dependence on imported oil and protecting the environment."

A Hummer H2
weighs in at more than 6,600 pounds, measuring about 17 feet long by
6.75 feet wide. Anyone with a plain old driver’s license can pilot one
on crowded city streets. Evidence suggests that laws should be amended to protect the public from such a risk. Now, at least, there will gradually be fewer and fewer chances to wield these civilian tanks where they don’t belong.

Video of Arnold testing out the first civilian Hummer via

  • Hummers of all stripes definitely were middle fingers to Mother Earth. They’re dying a well deserved death. Unfortunately, there are many SUVs on the market which have fuel economy as bad as the H3, their most efficient vehicle.

    I guess we’ll never see the H4 midsized car, the H5 compact car, or the H6 bicycle, now . . .

  • Brent

    I’m glad to see Hummer die, but it does pain me that the Chinese have carte blanche to sell their junk to us, while we can’t seem to sell our junk to them.

  • Erik G.


    The only cool thing about the Humvee/Hummer was that it was IIRC, originally assembled at the old Studebaker plant.


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